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Opioid induced constipation. Issue with insurance co.

Started by miamirn on 02/21/2016 2:47pm


I have opiod induced constipation. For those that don't know what it is, it's conspipation that is brought on by taking medicines that contain "opiods". In my case I take a long acting Hydrocodone i.e. Zohydro ER. The last few months market has come out with medicines that target constipation that is caused by these types of medicines I tried some samples of "Movantin". It worked like a dream, but when I tried to fill my script the insurance company wanted me to try two other meds first. One is a medication that treats regular constipation (not opiod induced) It's called Amitiza and the other is an injectable called Relistor For the life of me I can't understand why the insurance company wants me to try two meds that, one treats non-opiod constipation and two treats it with a med that's injectable. Yes, I understand the company is there to make money, but medically speaking, who makes these decisions? On monday, I'm calling the insurance company to complain. It probably won't do any good to complain, but I'm going to try anyway. I consider this just bad medicine.

Any ideas on how I should address them when I call?

Thanks! :)

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I have had issues with that as well. It sounds too easy, but try eating dried figs or dates, 4 a day at the same time of day. I prefer the taste of figs. It works and you don't need a script.


Hi, miamirn--we know this is an older thread, but we think many of our visitors will be interested in this topic. In case you weren't able to get insurance coverage of the drug you mentioned, we wanted to share a new resource with you about food and beverage tips that can help ease opioid-induced constipation: ( 7 Dietary Tips Help Opioid-Induced Constipation Slideshow ).

We hope this information is useful--and thank you for your post!