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26 mo. Nightmare c4_7 cage

Started by 115065547164566... on 02/18/2016 12:58am

On Dec. 2,2013 I went in with being told it was a C4,5 needed fused, 20 years prior I had a c5,6 fusion and it looked good.that he would fix my arm pain, going through regular statics. I went in for 1hr. Surgery, coming out 3 hrs later. When coming too, I was horrified and in screaming pain. As I was being told the surgery went well, but he had to do a c4, thru 7, w/pins, graphs,screws and cage, do to what he said was a mess.other than that it was all good. As I'm screaming until getting dulid which finally let me fall asleep, but every 90 min. To 2 hrs it come back with unrelenting pain. On 3 of Dec., surgeon came in and said looks good think it ready leave?. I can't speak, I'm trying to describe pain, he left said we'll give it another day. Next evening nurse comes in after I'm crying, pushing button, and begging to get this out of my neck, again just shots, pills, until I'm out. Surgeon comes in and says ready go home I said I can't, he becomes arguing that I thew paper pill cup at nurse, I can't even defend myself, and told him something was wrong, he repeated how complicated my surgery ended, let's give isurgeryher day, but most people go home by now. I couldn't get out of bed. Then then next day it's the 4th, I've woke up reliving surgery seeing and feeling it been done and unable to talk or move, screaming in pain. Again knocked out and wake up every 2 hrs screaming on 4th day. They got me up after pain shot and walked couple feet, couldn't go no farther and therapy is mad, and I need pain medication right after being put back in bed. Surgeon comes in,wakes me, says well sounds like your ding good, I'm going to discharge you. I ask if he had taken any exray after surgery? He said no wwth a tone of anger, I still ask him too, ii still afraid to go home. I get exray and decides 1more day. So on 5th of Dec.I go home, taking 2 mg. Duldid, 5mg. 2 mg Xanax, 1 norco every 4 to 6 hrs. As needed. I agreed to go home and returned to his office on Jan 14th., it was nearly ioffssible with wheelchair. I explained to him the pain was unrelenting without meds, sleep was no more than a hour, and I had to sleep as in a coffin to stop the pain or get any rest. He wrote a 30 day meds and said it would get better. On the 16th I get a call from his office scolding me, he didn't want me back, and BTW he has canceled all my meds. I hadn't picked up because I used another pharmacy tt fill 1 med the one I normally use didn't have.my wife is the one who picked this up. On the 19th I'm in a bad way, I go up to straighten out his office error, and they wouldn't see me. O get home dying for in insane pain, finally pass out taking old Bacolfen,Gabinetin, and norco,and Xanax. Like I told his office ID never pick up the meds, just dropped scrpts off, and he said it wasn't up for discussion. 4 am I get up wet, make it 2 feet and loose my legs and can't get up at all. This lasted a couple hours until I called EMS, told them to take me where had surgery. I got MRI, and ER Doc comes in and says everything is wide open, looks clear at all levels call I was being discharge, I requested another doc, surgeon. No ill get police, still barely whisping to yell. I'm being carried by my arms surround by police, and took to private room, and told sign this check out and if u open your mouth we are private hospital, ID go tobjail for disorderly conduct. I was scared, 11 inch snow, and nighttime. My brother finally arrive while they was approaching me disrespectfully. I went home, ordered hospital bed, and laid there in hell next 4 mo. I finally was ween off bed, going back to family doctor who referred me to St.Francis, he's been my doc 15 years, our relationship went to hell, me going in unable to still walk without walker, no one to followup as surgeon, and I just couldn't sake this. 1 year later I was told I didn't need the level of surgery, didn't no why he done this much from previous MRI, and what MRI looks like after, just wouldn't touch it. Even though I couldn't get better, begging for someone to just listen, I notice Doctors eye examining me from head to toe. At this time 1yeat Post op,, swollen legs, drop foot, neck shoulders,arms,spine,back,legs,and feet had problems I never had,it was a body in hell, to be able go bath was a job. After 3 options, and still dealing with this.last MRI never test complete body, showed narrowing all level cervical except C 5-6, from 20 yrs.proir, c2,3 herniated, narrowing at l 4,5, flattening at L 3 30% HT. My symptoms are neck and spine pain, lower back,leg right both ankle feet stay in pain, my small putter toes starting to curve oposit to big toes, wrist and top of hand hurt most, hit, stubbing toe, even if startled I feel electronic transmission throughout body. I'm a patient who is crazy over what to do. I stopped all med S for 4 month's, I could take it. But knew it wasn't from what your told, feel like a crimminal for wanting to have any quality of life. 53 yrs. Old, started from being hit by bobcat in 2012. So I went back to Doctor, he put me on 50 mcg fentanyl patches, 05 mg of Xanax 3 times day lexapro 20 mg 1 a night, stomach pill, and it wasn't barriable. Went had injections. At each level, stopped Patches, Lexapro was my Savior to get my first 4 hr rest, that was like a miracle, now tomorrow they'll tell me cause I don't think patches is helping when pain is unrelenting, and want me to go phsy to get my aniexty meds, and I just want this s#it out of my neck, just a little quality of life, just when millions are being denied real pain help, I'm sure it isn't getting better.What should I do?

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