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Limited work potential

Started by 181912942175790... on 02/07/2016 2:53pm

I had an weightlifting accident. Muscle tore resulting in herniation to C5 and t1. Straightening of lordosis. Can't be a make nurse anymore doing direct patient care. Pain specialist says no pulling, pushing, lifting anything over 50lbs ever again. Pain relievers and muscle relaxers. Problem with the muscle relaxer, even timed release, is the extreme fatigue and brain fog. I only use them when needed.

Many jobs are now out for me. Anything related to direct patient care. As are many non nursing jobs as most work requires more lifting than I'm capable of doing. The pain and stiffness are a huge negative regarding quality of life. All the grinding, popping, clicking, and stiffness is really wearing me down. Has anyone had good experiences related to muscle relaxers or corticosteroid injections? What about disc fusions? Pain specialist wants to exhaust all options but is not in favor of disc manipulation via chiropractor.

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