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Cervical MRI and Do you think C5-6 should have been Done in Surgery with C6-7?

Started by 104412257563856... on 01/30/2016 12:16pm

The Alignment is Slightly Abnormal Now with a grade 1 Retrolisthesis at C4-5. This is a new finding. Dorsal annular fissure and hypertense on this clearly demonstrated within the C3-4 disc which is a new finding as well and potentially could be a source of discogenic pain. Minimal dorsal hypertense zones are seen within C4-5 through C6-7 levels as well. Disc space narrowing is found at C6-7 definitely and also to some degree C5-6. There are no discrete vertebral or cord lesions otherwise though there are some degenerative endplate changes which are now new at C5-6 and C6-7 all indicative of progressive degenerative disc disease.

At C3-4, there is a posterior central Protruding disc herniation which again abuts the cord. The cord is not significantly deformed but slightly flattened as seen before as well. The mid canal sagittal diameter is about 9 mm with very mild spinal stenosis change.

At C4-5, posterior central disc herniation again indents the cord slightly. Spinal stenosis changes with the mid canal sagittal diameter of 7-8 mm again is demonstrated and this is a stable finding.

C5-6 again shows bilateral uncovertebral joint spurring with some degenerative bulging causing cord flattening. The mid canal sagittal diameter at this level is about 10 mm with borderline to mild stenosis present.

C6-7 there are new findings. Prominent left sided spurring from the uncovertebral joint now causes compression of the left C7 root which is a new finding. There is probably some mild cord compression as well and the mid canal sagittal diameter is about 11 mm though without overt mid canal sagittal stenosis.

Overall, Progressive disc disease changes are found with persistent stenosis, a fairly mild degree at C3-4, C4-5, and C5-6. however, there is markedly progressive left bony foraminal stenosis at C6-7.

I had a Artificial Steel Disk put in at C6/7, and I have had severe pain even right after surgery, the surgeon, got mad at me as if I was or did something wrong? and that has been what since 2008, my Arms both go Dead, and stay that way for weeks at a time, my fingers go dead, and I do not even want to talk about the pain going down my from my shoulders,the back of the arms down the outside of the forearms and into the hands, my index fingers feel like they are broken glass in them at times or they are dead feeling, or the pins and needles, leggs week all the times or the nerves down the outside of the calves. knees very week. headaches from hell, muscle spasms up and down my neck so bad all the way up to my skull. My shoulder color blades painful, nerves burning or very painful going down between the shoulder blades.
Can hardly turn neck for one side to the other, and forget sleeping with my face turning to the left that can not happen!
Oh, and my Elbows, please! the left one feels like it is being ripped off of me at times, and throbs so bad.
I have had MRI's done 3 or 4 times the the metal from the Artificial Disk Blocks the 3 mail levels so they can not report on them. so why do they keep ordering them??? So this neurologist just keeps upping my meds, and does nothing, he just says I have severe Arthritis in my Neck! and I do not even want to get Started on my Lumbar area! it is just as bad if not worse! but I need to get my neck fixed before I do anything! but.... I Do not want Surgery until it is the Last result! Am I there yet? This last may, when both m,y Arms went dead for those 2 weeks it really scared the Crap out of me!!! it had a weird stump like feeling?
they got better, but I do not want to push it and whined up with it like that for ever? and yet I am so scared to trust another doctor again! and we have lost to many in our family from BLood clots after surgery! so I am just plain scared to have anything done, I am 53, not over weight! but I do still smoke.. I need to quit I know that! and want to! but with all the stress and sitting my life away on this couch because of the pain it is so dang hard...the stress of it all.

Thank you so much in advance.
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L Watts,
No one can make that decision for you, not even a doc. But you can ask your Dr what kind of life you will have if you don't get surgery. vs. what s/he thinks predicts following surgery.

To me, it sounds like you are in pain now and from my persosal experience with ACDF c5-6 and other disc problems, i'd guess you are facing chronic pain now for the foreseeable future.

I hope things will be better for you.


Thanks so much!
I am just so Frustrated, They did not tell me that when I got the artificial Disc that they would no longer be able to read my MRI's! Doctors are so sneaky!!! and then this doctor I have now, he is like here Take this new Script of a stronger med! your Neck is a Mess! and just because we can not see in there??? we will just keep doing what we are doing!

But it is me who is feeling the severe pain, and the Numbness! and can not get off the couch or have a life! I have not been out of this house since Last Sunday! and i had to make myself do that, and I was in agony then...
The pain is so bad, I am either sick to my stomach or the Vertigo or I can not move..so why plan to go any where?

But like I said up above, i am scared to death to do anything!!!

I have a Twin Sister who is the opposite, she is surgery Happy is what I call her, we both have severe Arthritis in our spines and Chiari Malformation, she has a cyst in her spinal Cord, They had to cut it open and put two shunts in to keep it drained! well she has had her whole neck fused and her whole lumbar fused, and half of her lower thoracic spine done, and now she is fixing to let them re-do part of it again? I just just shake my head at her?? the more they do on her the more they tell her they have to do!!!

Me I run for the hills and hide! But i think I am about at that point in my neck where I am going to have to let them do something? but the MRI is not working, so I am thinking I need to get them to do a Milagram?
I just need to make the appointment, Hahahaha, but i keep talking myself out of it!
Again thanks for responding.


It's pretty easy to watch your life slide by while dealing with spinal issues. Nothing is quite as life altering as dealing with a cronic medical issue. It can wreck relationship s, finances, education and work. Plans disappear and few people can understand the frustration and disappointed aftermath.

But you've got to go thru bad times in order to recognize the good times. Please realize the importance of relying on others while also speaking up for yourself.

Keep your chin up when you can. Sometimes having courage doesn't mean always killing the lion, sometimes it means just having the will to say I will try again tomorrow.