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Speed of treating cervical spondylosis with myelopathy

Started by SnappyK on 01/17/2016 1:15pm

I have been dealing with foot and leg pain since June. About three weeks ago I started having lower back pain too, so I saw a spine doctor's PA last week and she tentatively diagnosed me with cervical spondylosis with myelopathy. Turns out that other symptoms I had been having recently but discounted (pins and needles in my fingertips, neck stiffness, etc.) might all be connected.

I am waiting for insurance approval for an MRI to confirm the diagnosis and plan treatment. Meanwhile, since the tentative diagnosis four days ago, I am declining rapidly. For example, now it hurts to hold a coffee cup in my left hand; I get electrical shock pains in my middle finger and my thumb. That didn't hurt a week ago. This morning I had a hard time carrying a little basket of groceries at the store; last week it didn't bother me at all. I am hoping that me being stressed and upset about the potential diagnosis is what's making me feel worse, and not that my condition is actually declining this quickly.

I'm looking for any words of wisdom from other folks who have been in this situation. How aggressive should I be about getting treatment sooner? I may have to wait for another week and a half for insurance approval to have the MRI. I am sorely tempted to just go ahead with the MRI and forget all about the insurance. I am deathly worried that by letting things muddle along for weeks or even months, i am going to lose significant function.

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