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Posted in: Chronic pain, and Neck pain.

Bone Spur in cervical spine area

Started by 102070520116763... on 01/08/2016 4:09pm

Hello to all, I have been Dx with a bone spur on my c6 vertebrae that is causing numbness and pain shooting down my arm and into my hand. About 2 1/2 years ago I had the same and received 2 epidurals and had complete relief for 2 1/2 years. Now it is back and not responding as well to the epidurals. I will be talking with a surgeon in the near future. I was wondering if anyone else had this or something similar and I am curious what route you went with as far as surgery. I have read where some people get discectomy or some get discectomy and fusion and some went ahead and had fusion.

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I just posted a similar question--I have bone spurs/disc bulge at c5/6 and a bulge at c6/7, awful pain and numbness going down my arm. The neurosurgeon I saw wants to do a disc replacement surgery at c5/6. He didn't offer discectomy as an option, and as I understand it, it's because of the bone spur at that level--just removing some of the disc wouldn't solve the bone spur. He said I could do injections to prolong surgery, but since that bone spur's not going anywhere, eventually it would cause more problems.


But it was my understanding they could go in and scrape down the spur and I know it could come back but at least nothing is being taken out and no metal is going in the neck. So is your surgeon going to use a disc implant?


Yes, my surgeon wants to put in an artificial disc. I'm not sure what determines whether you can just do a microdiscectomy or other surgical options, but in my case, that wasn't even presented as a possibility. Probably if the disc and/or bone spur is too severe to be fixed with a different procedure? Here are my MRI for some results for comparison. C5-6 is where they want to do the disc replacement.

C4-5: Mild posterior osseous ridging which is eccentric to the left. Mild left-sided canal narrowing. No cord compression. Neural foramina patent.

C5-6: Disc-osteophyte complex with element of left paracentral disc protrusion. Moderate canal stenosis. Mild left ventral cord contouring without cord compression or cord edema. No significant foraminal stenosis.

C6-7: Shallow central disc protrusion without significant canal stenosis or cord compression. Neural foramina patent.

Edit: So after googling around for a bit, it looks like yes the type of bone spur/herniation you have might be a part of that decision process, as it might not be possible to really treat it just with the discectomy to begin with. Also, just from looking at people's stories, discectomies seem like they fail often, sometimes within just a few weeks, and need revision. I've seen a bunch of posts here with people saying they had a discectomy, then a revision (or two!), then finally had to do a fusion. Some other article I read said that you really have to be careful with movement and rehab after a discectomy, since there is such a potential to re-herniate the disc. Another thing I noticed was that I've seen more people talking about lumbar discectomies than about cervical discectomies, so I don't know if that's also another factor to consider. This is all just random information I found noodling around the internet, so obviously don't take it as gospel. I'm also new to figuring out this crazy world of spine disorders!

So of course you'll have to go off what your surgeon says is a possibility in the first place, but if you're given an option then you have to decide if you want to try on a more conservative approach, knowing there's a chance that the disc will herniate again and need more surgery, or if you want to go straight to the bigger surgery.