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Posted in: Chronic pain, and Pain management.

When should trigger point injections start to help if they are going to help?

Started by 164860346204650... on 12/29/2015 5:50pm

I have done three rounds of trigger point injections for chronic pain in my right trapezius muscle, and they have not done anything to help my pain in the slightest. I have knots and severe pain in right trap for almost a year. Had disc surgery and this didn't change the trap muscle pain at all. Doctor says its from the muscle being in severe spasm from neck guarding etc. I am very discouraged that I have not gotten any relief from the trigger points yet. Does anyone know how many is needed or if they don't help after so many they most likely won't? I keep asking doctor and she is very vague, and saying as many as needed. I have them every other week. She did say that she doesn't think she can help my pain 100% but will help with the spasm and release the knots. I'm so confused and tired of getting nowhere. I really appreciate any advice from someone with experience with trigger points. Thank you.

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I had trigger point injections which also made no improvement in the knots and pain. My doc seemed happy to continue them (probably due to easy $), but I decided to stop and try something else. Found a physical therapist who specialized in cervical spine issues who helped a lot, also therapeutic massage helped. Eventually had cervical fusion of C5-C7. How long ago did you have your disc surgery?


Thanks for responding, BonnieRae. My doctor sounds like yours. Very disappointing. I pay a $20 co pay every time. I had surgery 3 months ago. I've had several massages, acupuncture, cupping and the list goes on. I received a TENS unit and just started using it on my trap muscle. I am using it every other day so will see what happens? I've had the trapezius muscle pain for just about one year now. Doctor says its from severe muscle spasm....just hard to understand why all these things are not helping. How many trigger points did you have before you stopped? I have appointments set through February and will more than likely discontinue if no change by then. Seems like if it was going to help they should have the first couple.