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Is My Doctor Going to Inject the Wrong Disc?!

Started by SongJin on 12/28/2015 9:49pm

After about 9 months of PT and other conservative treatments for radiculopathy in my right arm, I finally got in to see a pain specialist today. There was some question from my primary orthopedic doctor about what's going on because some of my pathologies are on the left, but all my symptoms are on the right. My main issues are: numbness in my thumb, index finger, and part of my middle finger, terrible forearm pain, and sometimes front bicep pain (along with chronic neck/shoulder muscle spasms and burning pain along my shoulder blade). Here are my MRI results:

C4-5: Mild posterior osseous ridging which is eccentric to the left. Mild left-sided canal narrowing. No cord compression. Neural foramina patent.

C5-6: Disc-osteophyte complex with element of left paracentral disc protrusion. Moderate canal stenosis. Mild left ventral cord contouring without cord compression or cord edema. No significant foraminal stenosis.

C6-7: Shallow central disc protrusion without significant canal stenosis or cord compression. Neural foramina patent.

The pain specialist seemed fairly convinced that the C6-7 disc is what's causing most of the problems, and he wants to do an epidural injection in that space. I'm ready to try anything, but after googling around, it seems like C6-7 would mostly cause issues with my middle finger and triceps? Now I'm worried that he's going to inject the wrong disc, but I don't know if that's totally unfounded. He was nice, but he didn't spend all that much time talking to me.

Does anyone with pathologies at C6-7 have similar issues? Should I press for more information before the injection? I was also curious about my shoulder blade pain--I get this horrible burning all along it, and I was wondering if anyone else with similar results has experienced this.

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