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Started by Compounded Pain on 12/23/2015 6:17pm

Hello Everyone, I am a 59 yr old male with a long history of this not wanted but inherited medical problems,
My list is as follows : I have type 2 Diabetes , High Blood Pressure , High Cholesterol,Unstable Angina,
I have had a Heart Catheterzation Procdure and was founded to have 40-60-50 blockage,
I have CAD, PAD, Peripheral Vascular Disease.
Diabetic Neuropathy, Gastroesophageal relux disease, Arthritis. and Anxiety.
I have Herniated Disc's in both my neck and lower back, severe pain in both feet with shooting electricity into both my feet.
I have the feeling of a burning underneath my feet, a feeling of walking on pins and needles and also a feeling as if I was walking on pebbles and sand with a rocky terrain, and a feeling of restriction of not being able to wiggle my toe's.
A very bad feeling like both ankles and feet were in a refrigerator the right foot seams to be the worse.
Time after time with having my ankles and feet swollen.
And when I am going up a flight of stairs my legs feel like they want to collapse along with a shortness of breath.
I constantly have numbness in all my extremities from arms down to hands and down to my fingers, and from my legs down to my feet and and finally to my toes.
A Chronic Pain starting from both sides of my groin area running down both legs.
Pain in both knees the left knee is the worse, especially any sudden jerk or movement of my knee I would get this immense pain.
Both sides of my knees feel numbed all the time, when bending my knee I feel a severe pain a lot more pain on the left knee.
I have a daily nausea feeling always.
My body feels weak and tiered, a feeling like it has been consumed of all its energy.
When sleeping I constantly have to change my position from sleeping flat on back for so long pain start's in low back down my legs causing me to change my position and to then start sleeping on my right hip side, and once pain gets immense on left side of hip and left leg I change position to sleeping on my left hip side and once pain gets immense I change to sleeping on my back all over again.
I have Glaucoma in one eye, and a Cataract on the other with pain on the left eye.
And at night I have a Halo in both eyes, with a very feeling of sensitivity to light.
And then I have a daily blurry vision.
Sleeping in any position for to long is when more problems occur with the knees. I can not keep them straight or bend for to long when the pain increases I need to straighten my legs out.
Not to mention that if standing or sitting for to long a time, will cause me to get a onset pain on my left calf.
And I can not forget the pain on my left tibia while standing.
About 2 years ago practically overnight from one day to another like a blink of my eye lit, I started limping when I would walk with no apparent reason that I could think of as the cause or no one thing to blame.
I had a consult with a Orthopedic Doctor who had me take X-rays of my back, the findings was that it showed Scoliosis.
Next I had a consult with a Neuro - Orthopedic Surgeon, who order an MRI, now as soon as the doctor received the MRI report I get a call from the doctor's office with a appointment to administer Epidural injection on me.
I did not submit my self for this procedure, for many reasons and maybe you would agree with my decision .
I gave you an idea of the many medical problems I currently have, now I will tell you of the many medicines that I take on a daily basics.
My list of medicines is as follows: Metoprolol, Lisinipril, Cardizem, Nitro -stat, Nitro dur, Asprin, Plavix, Zocor, Lantus, Novolog, Metformin, Neurotin, Lyrica, Fentanyl. Endocet, Flexiral, and Alprazolam.
Also what I would like to add in my information on me, is that I never ever was told before 2013 that I had Scoliosis, however more then 15 years ago I had Epidural administer on me in both Cervical and Lumbar for Herniated Disc as well as a Facet on my Cervical .
Then 2 years later I ended up in Pain Management Care and ever since I have continued to receive there care.
In 2007 I became a victim to a Motor Vehicle, as I was crossing the street at a intersection I was struck by a vehicle resulting in I losing consciousness and waking up in a Hospital in the Trauma Unit.
I was Incubated with a breathing tube, I suffer a Concussion and I did require Stitches above my eye.
When finally I was alert enough to talk with doctors, I was told of what had occurred, I was told that I had suffered a Dislocated Shoulder Arm as well as a Fracture Wrist.
Now 8 years later because of my onset limping and the X-ray revealing the Scoliosis, and the Positive MRI of which I have not learned all the findings of the MRI still to this day and the reason for I choosing not to have the Epidural administer on me is the million dollar question to me.
The day that I went for the consult with the Neuro Orthopedic Surgeon I was asked to bring with me any and all X-rays, MRI, or CT Scan reports, so I requested every imaging reports from the Hospital.
The Hospital claimed to only have a MRI report from 15 years ago, and as for imaging from 2007 when I was struck by a vehicle they claimed to have only one X-ray report because it was the only imaging that was done or order by doctors at the ER.
So there is no prior imaging available for any compering, that is my reason for trying to obtain advise on what is a ongoing pain, which I really would not want to submit myself to unnecessary pain.
As I feel that a possible mistake had already been committed in the fact that I could have had injuries that perhaps were not reveal that day in 2007 when I was struck by that vehicle, that just maybe could of been treated and maybe I would not be in the condition that I am currently in.
Further I believe that the Epidural that the Neuro Orthopedic Surgeon wants to administer on me is only a ban-aid, and it will not correct the outlined problem, that will continue to worsen if not address .
And my worse fear is that I am headed towards a wheel chair, as everyday is more painful and difficult just walking or moving my extremities, and not being able to move, sleep, and all this pain, the limping, and the weakness is precisely in my humble opinion due to the accident, that if properly been diagnosed I may have not been experiencing this pain that I now have.
I have no other explanation as to how I got in this condition, as my pain was controlled and I did not have prior limitations .
So I ask anyone person or Physician that has had experience or dealt with this kind of medical condition to please, advise me of your impression and or options that I could have available.
I thank you, Compounded Pain.

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Dear Compounded Pain,
First off, I feel for you and hate what you are experiencing. I too was struck by a pickup truck going 45mph as a pedestrian. I was 21 at the time. X-rays were taken, and I was hospitalized for two weeks because just before I was hit, my girlfriend saw what was about to happen and screamed. Her scream probably saved my life because I was able to turn around to face the truck and tried to jump out of the way. Getting my feet just inches off the ground allowed my body to fold at the waist over the hood, so basically, my knees to the full brunt of the hit. They swelled up like basketballs, thus my stay in the hospital.

However, they didn't find any broken bones, though I was thrown down the street well over 60 feet. I had lower back pain after that, but it was minor at first. Being young and in good shape pobably helped. But as the years went by, my lower back started hurting me more and more. Unfortunately, I never attributed this to the accident because my dad had a bad lower back and I assumed it was hereditary.

About 7 years later, I woke up one Saturday morning, got out of bed, and fell flat on my face. I couldn't walk. Extremely sharp pains were shooting down both legs along with pulsing, throbbing pain originating in my lower back. I eventyally discovered via an MRI, that my L5 & S1 vertabrae were fractured almost into two separate pieces each. The disc inbetween them had completely degenerated; in effect, there was no disc anymore. So, L5 & S1 were scraping away at one another. They discovered too tgat I did indeed inherit some of my fathers' back problems, namely, sever spinal stenosis, sever degenerative disc disease and spinal arthritis. I also had, at that time, Spondylolisthesis-Grade1.

I spent the next several months in physical therapy which got me back on my feet and walking again. The sever pain subsided, but from that day forward, I was in constant pain.

Five more years went by. My career was just about to skyrocket me into a six figure income. Then again, one evening, I was looking out at the sunset and my girlfriend walked behind me. Without moving my feet, I twisted around and reached out to touch her arm. As I did, a excruciatingly sharp pain shot through my lower back and legs, and I dropped to my knees, pulling my girlfriend down with me because it happened so fast that I instinctively just grabbed her arm. I then rolled to one side in a fetal position screaming in pain!

Fortunately, approximately a year earlier, I had gotten kidney stones. I say fortunately, because after being released from the ER, they told me to follow up with my primary doctor. In doing that, I mentioned my back pain. So he ordered a new set of MRI'S, with & without contrast.

Those MRI's saved me in two very important ways. First, I now had a new primary doctor because I had moved. After that second fall, I could barely walk; the pain was excruciating! My new doctor was extremely skeptical, and given his attitude and the prescription he wrote for me, Ibuprofen, simply didn't believe the amount of pain I was in. Nevermind that I was sweating profusely, my BP was skyhigh, as was my heart rate and breathing... He thought I was experiencing withdrawal and wanted narcotics.

However, I mentioned that I had an MRI taken a year earlier, as well as the previous episode from five years earlier, both of which he could easily verify. He said he would send for those, so I filled out the necessary paperwork...

Four days went by and I couldn't sleep or eat. My girlfriend worked too and she couldn't take any time off. So, I kept an empty gallon jug of milk next to me to pee in. But on the fourth day, I had to goto the bathroom and I was alone. We had a bathroom in the master bedroom, and it was only seven steps away from my side of the bed. With the added pressure of having to urinate and a bowel movement, I couldn't walk. I tried to slide slowly down to the floor, but dropped hard...I was on the verge of passing out, so I called my girl and she came home early. Fortunately, she had less than a ten minute drive home. By the time she got there, I managed to get to the toilet, but could not even get up, let alone pull down my underwear... Going to the bathroom that afternoon was torure. I was drenched in sweat and tears. We immediately went back to my doctor.

Given that several days gad passed since I last saw my new primary doctor, and he saw the mess I was in, still sweating, my BP was now 200 and something over 200 and something...He realized that I shouldn't be in withdrawal this bad. So he personally called my other doctor, got the information from the MRI taken a year back, gad the hospital fax over all results and a digital copy of the aactual pictures was transferred via modem back then... Fortunately, they had a DSL line and not the usual 56k modems that were still the norm... But it still took about an hour.

When he came back in the room, his entire demeanor, body langyage, tone had changed. The first thing he said was, I am so sorry. Son, you have a serious back problem. You need to be in the hospital. And as he was talking, he was writing out several prescriptions for Loratab 10mg, two tablets every four hours. Valium 10mg 3x daily for inflamation and to calm me down, Flexaril 5mg 3x daily, and MS-Contin (Morphine Sulfate-Continuous release 30mg 3x daily. A nurse then came in and gave me a pain shot of Diladid 4mg.

I was relieved to see him finally believe me, but also very scared now when he was telling me what he was writing out and what they were.
The only prescription I recognuzed was the Valium. When I heard MORPHINE, the first thing tgat popped i to my mind was a war movie about Vietnam where a soldier asks his buddy for his dose of emergency Morphine. His buddy asked him if he lost his, and he said no, but his legs had been blown off...he said nan, you'll die if you take both...So, I knew then and there, somthing was very very wrong....

I've had two Spinal Fusion surgeries after that. They installed a 180 degree Titanium cage with a synthetic disc for L5 & S1. They took bone marrow from my hip for the synthetic disc substrate so that a permanent bone would further strengthen bothe vertabrae.

Unfortunately, both failed, and a third problem occurred. First, the Titanuim cage had a screw snap into two pieces. Second, the bone marrow transplant did not take; my body just reabsorbed the marrow.
Third, the surgery took 8+ hours and they didn't move me from a particular position soon enough so that blood did not get to my "Right Long Thoracic Nerve." Thus, I was not able to lift my right arm over my head and my right shoulder-blade jutted out from my upper back.
Given all that, there was one extremely good thing that the operation DID accomplish. I found out why my doctor had such a huge change in attitude. Each vertabra, L5 and S1 had by that time, completely broke into two pieces each, were, as I said earlier, grinding against each other, and because of this, they were "Cutting" into my Spinal Cord.
If one of the four pieces had moved just 2 more millimeters into my Spinal Cord, I would have been paralyzed from the waist down!

Well, obviously I needed another surgery. The second Spinal Fusion meant removing everything and starting over. Except this time, a 360 degree Titanium Cage was used, and a supposedly more advanced synthetic disc. The bone marrow didn't take again, but, the cage was now wrapped completely around my spine. I can walk! But I am still in Chronic Pain. The Spondylolisthesis was now grade 3. I still have Sever Degenerative Disc Disease, Polyradiculopathy (pain in thigh and calf, both legs), Spinal Arthritis, Sever Spinal Stenosis, Neuropathy in both feet, bad in right side. And as of two years ago, my L4 disc blew up.

I am currently on Fentenyl patches 50mcg/hour change every 48 hours. Oxycodone 10mg 4x daily, Valium 10mg 3x daiky, Lyrica 150mg 2x daily, Lisinopril 5mg 1x daily, and Celexa 20mg 1 to 2x daily.

I am a 49 yo man. I had the love of my life leave me too. Fortunately, no children. But lost my career, have been disabled permanently now going on 15 years... I told you my story so you know that I get it. I truly understand your physical, emotional and even spiritual pain. I've attempted suicide twice, but though I did overdose, I was really calling for help, pleading for them to take me seriously. Because to look at me, unless I have been standing or walking around for 20 minutes, you wouldn't know I am disabled and in pain. I'm not moaning and groaning. It doesn't help. There are times though when the shooting pains, and the overall pains just escalate for no apparent reason. This happens everyday. But unless you see that, you would have no idea I am hurt.

Now then. For you. Trust me on this. Any and all Cholesterol medicine you are on... STOP TAKING IT IMNEDIATELY!!! I cannot stress this enough. Half your problems will disappear within a cpl weeks if not days. I have seen this time and again. You won't feel sick and completely tired alk the time. Aches and pains that are not remotely related to your injuries will disappear too. You can then begin focusing again on what you need to. You probably don't have desires for much of anything except wishing you could jyst get one goid nights sleep.

We need Cholesterol to actually lose weight if you are overweight and we need it for our normal metabolism among many other things. These meds are poison!

Second, you should not be on both Neurotin and Lyrica simultaneously. Neurotin is an older medicine and has lots of very strange and weird side-effects. I would walk into walls, turn too soon and knock myself into corners, lose my balance, felt like I was going to pass out, etc...
Lyrica is the second generation offshoot of Neurontin. It is cleaner and it actually helps reduce the sevarity, intensity and frequency of nerve pains like burning pains in specific areas. I use to get these attacks where it felt like soneone put a hot iron on me. It was fast and so intense that I fell to the ground everytime grabbing that area screaming.... Eventually, I learned not to scream lut loud so bad, but there was no way to hide that attack. Stop the Neurontin, and ask your doctir to up the Lyrica. I was at one time up to 600mg a day until those attacks stopped. Then I slowky reduced the dosage until I got to 300mg 2x daily.

Start taking fishoil and vitamin E so you can reduce the meds for blood thinners. Both are natural blood thinners and dont have negative side effects.

I can tell you a lot about natural easy, inexpensive remedies for diabetes too. Things you will never hear from a normal M.D. in the West...
If you want more info, I subscibed to this discussion. In fact, I just joined looking for info on Medtronic Spinal Stimulators... I wanted the Biston Scientific one, but they said that Medtronic developed one that can undergo an MRI if I ever need another one, which is likely.

But I read your post, and no one replied yet. I saw those med conflicts and needed to tell you!
We can talk privately if you like if you find this information beneficial... And please velieve ne about the Cholesterol meds and the Lyrica... I KNOW it will help you tremendously!