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increased cervical pain after Radiofrequency Ablation

Started by blynn614 on 11/06/2015 7:54pm

I have Had a lot of neck and low back problems for a Very Long Time.. I have had the steroid injections, with some relief, but still had a lot of pain!! My Pain Specialist suggested I have Radiofrequency Ablation done, so I let him do it. For more so left sided neck pain.. Anyway, long story short, He did the procedure, and when he hit the nerve I almost came off the Table!! ince having that done I have had 5x's increased pain, also pain radiating from the back of my head down to the middle of my back.. It burns in there soo Bad!! My Neck is stiff, I have numbness in thye right side of my head.. I need to know what happen?? The Dr. couldn't say one way or the other.. He increased my pain Meds, and I asked for a new MRI. Well the MRI shows more damage than compared to my lat one.. Could he have burnt the wrong Nerve?? I don't k now what to do anymore.. I'm Scared to Death to get any other procedures.. I am at my wits end.. I still take the pain meds but they barely work anymore,. My Pain Dr. says he can refer me too a Neurosurgeon, but don't know what to do.. Please help. I'm Very Frustrated in Brooksville, Fl

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i am soo sorry for your pain! I fell backward 23 years ago and struck my thoracic spine over a metal bar but the "whiplash" in the low spine and neck has been the worst. I also have radio frequency in the neck and had more pain. one doctor told me "yey, that happens sometimes." had two fusions in the neck, still no help. just started with a new dr. and had two epidurals which were like miracles!!! fooorr about two days. but, at least it helped. so, i would just encourage you to keep on the road. If you lose confidence in a dr., fire him and find another. remember, they work for us and we know our bodies. trust in your inner voice (for me that is where god speaks to me) I'm sending prayers up right now. I do know how terrible this road is, I've been suicidal and all,b ut I just endure for the hour, day, minute....until the good moment comes and enjoy the heck out of it until we find the help we need. and DONT stop reaching, it has got to be out there.


I had a laminectomy fusion from S-1 to L-4 in 1975. Been in pain since. In fact never felt as "good" as I did before the operation!! Great Hugh. I also got hurt and had my injury go undiagnoised, or diag. incorrectly since 1978. Feels as if I sit on a knife if I sit more than 15 min. and can't stand due to spine surgery. About 7 years ago I found myself with a mouthful of 80mg. oxycontin. My dog came out and barked at me. I spit them out. I too have had to survive minute by minute for years. Find someone who will give you the amount of pain med. you need to get ahead of the pain. Must stay ahead of it! Keep going to doc's till you find one who understands. I had to go to about 20, but he finally understood I was in tremendous pain by looking at my MRI's and PNE specialists reports.
He gave me anything (almost) but he understood. Antidepressants would help and never loose faith that you will get better!