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Numbness under my chin five days after surgery!

Started by 101542314077726... on 10/29/2015 9:46pm

I had a anterior cervical discectomy w/ fusion done on October 22,2015. They said everything wen fine. My right shoulder blade is still hurting quite a bit. I would give it a pain rating at a 7,,and the incision in front I can say about the same.Plus on day five after surgery,,i started feeling a funny sensation from my incision up to my chin,, and its feeling numb. Was wondering is this normal after having this surgery done? Any answers will be so appreciated. Tyvm,,, Catherine Engbretson

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I had C4/C5/C6 fused about a year ago and experienced the same numbness you are referring to. It was caused by my nerves being severed when the incision was made. It took about 6 months before it started to regain feeling. Now that 13 months have passed, I can barely feel any numbness. Unfortunately, the pain is back again around C3 and it looks like I will be going back in for a third fusion operation soon.