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Degenerative Arthritis in cervical C3,C4,C5,C6,C7 constant pain

Started by 155334532162237... on 10/08/2015 9:23pm

I was declared with severe degenerative cervical arthritis, probably caused from year's of working as a butcher then crab fishermen and now landscaper. I've been seeing a chiropractor twice a week since the begging of my pain. Going on two month's now of non stop excruciating pain from the lower neck to the tip of my right hand. Some days he reduces my pain by 30 to 50% for about a half an hour. It's to the point where I unknowingly contort my body while working to try and minimize the pain. This has only worsen my situation because now I not only have my original pain but I have thrown my lower back out and am feeling massive pain in my left elbow and right wrist and to top it all off, my right knee is starting to feel like someone swung a sledgehammer on it.
I have also tried everything from Tylenol Arthritis to Morphin with absolutely no effect.
PLEASE HELP ME. I'm willing to try anything. Seriously scared of running out of time. Mentally, physically and now spiritually seems to be breaking down.

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I would advise talking to your Dr. About your symptoms. Chiron can only do so much.