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mri results

Started by denpet on 09/28/2015 9:57am

hi there i am a male aged 56 and worked since i was 14, in january 2015 i started to experience pain in my spine from the cerebel to the sacral , loosing feeling and strength i was in intense pain and visited my family gp who sent me for a MRI these are the results which i cannot understand i was pointed to the spine universe site by a nurse ,could you please explain to me what the findings are/mean i see a neurosurgeon in 6 weeks i am still working with great difficulty because i am unable to claim any disability as the dwp are saying there is not much wrong with my spine and that i am able ,i come home from work take my painkillers and go to bed Spine Lumbar/Sacral
Straightening of the lumbar spine with multilevel degenerative disease . Minor retrolisthesis of L5 on S1 At L1 / 2 there is a minor posterior disc bulge indenting thecal sac only.Fatty endplate change of L1 superiorly. At L2 / 3 there is a posterior disc bulge with more focal right sided protrusion with some inferior migration of disc material. This has been incompletely assessed with no axial images available for review.This is probably causing some degree of lateral recess narrowing. At L3/ 4 the disc is dehydrated and has lost height with a posterior disc bulge, this along with some ligamentum flavum hypertrophy is narrowing the lateral recesses, more so on the right where the L4 nerve root is in contact with the disc.
At L4 / 5 there is almost complete loss of disc height with degenerative fatty endplate changes. both of the lateral recesses are compressed, more so on the left,this is due to both the posterior disc bulge and the posterior osteophyte formation from the L4 endplate. both L5 nerveroots are contacted,with more severe change on the left .fluid in the right facet joint at this level.At L5 / S1 the disc is dehydrated and has loss height with a posterior disc bulge and left sided annular tear. there is no neural compression in the lateral recesse,but both of the exit foramian at this level are mildly narrowed due to the osteophyte formation, and retrolisthesis as well as a contribution form the disc. fat is still seen around the nerve roots however
haemangioma of T12,L1,L3, and L4
No marrow replacement.
Tarlov cyst of S2
No AAA or retroperitoneal lymphadenopathy
symptoms may be explained by the finding at L4 / 5 with compression of the L5 nerve root. multilevel degenerative change.
A neurosurgical opinion may be needed i have just had another MRI to my neck as i collapsed at work and i am awaiting the results of that one i hope you can help thanks in advance

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