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3 painful yrs after ACDF( c-5 thru 7), i now have myelomalacia at c-5 and 4 new posterior bulges

Started by 102079758396625... on 09/25/2015 8:38pm

from the time i woke up from the fusion surgery in 2012, i knew something was wrong, i was the worst pain ive ever felt and it has never stopped. I have been living in a nightmare. This is my first post to a site like this although i have read thru them all, i just couldnt summon the strength to tell my story, i kept hoping things would improve..foolish foolish girl. i gave up on pain management after two years and just had no life. Literally. about 6 months ago the weakness and pain in my neck and arms and r. leg got so bad i could take no joy from any experience and was suicidal.. and demanded a new MRI.CPLEASE can someone tell me why, with the findings i am going to list here, why is my neurosurgeon telling me there is nothing he can do??? This nightmare keeps getting owrse..im back on pain meds that make me sick and edgy and and flat emotioanlly when they DO work, I really cant envision a long or meaningful life in my current state... What they found was 2mm lesion(ruled out MS right away w/ contrast and brain w/contrast MRis) at c5, thought to be myelomalacia vs "other more aggressive pathology", From what i have rerad this is a bleed in the spinal cord, i cant even get my neuro OR the surgeon to (new guy) to speculate on what cauised it, or if it will progress, i DO know the muscle atrophy is permanebet and the weakness is too, i have NO grip strenght, i have brolen so many important things in our house..we are on all aplastic inthe kitchen, vases, priceless kids creations..you get the idea..my hands slip off the steering wheel. typing this is taking all night, looking down at the keyboard is only doable a few mion at a time...in ADDITION to this
at c3/4 I have disc osteophyte complex w/disc bulge that causes effacement of anterior thecal sac and stenosis diameter 7.5.
At c4/5 , posterior disc bulge, partial effacement of thecal sac and stenosis diameter 8mm, post surgical chgs. and focal area of myelomalacia
at c5/6,bulging of the posterior annulus casuing partial effacement of the thecal sac and stenosis , diameter 7mm, also here there is uncovertebral hypertrophy, facet arthropothy causing moderate left sided foraminal stenosis, c-6/7 is the same as the previous, stensois diameter is 7mm, the posterior annulus bluge casues slight deformity of the ventral cord., Same at c-7/T1, wighout deformity. WHY am i not a surgical candidate? ANd when i showed the film to my new neurosurgeon, he foulnd a bulge at2/3 not even mentioned in the report and said that was rthe onwe he would be most concerned about but didnt think i was a good candididatye for surgery...what am i not being told? I REALLY think the first surgeon RUINED my neck when he used cadaver bone to replace the 2 disks and used one continuas plate fusing 5-7 with a series of SIX screws..he told me in my first consultation he would not use one continual plate as it was too heavy for my frame and id have no mobility and be unhappy w. the result...it was in the holding bay that he came in and erased and crossed out something on the consent form regarding hardware and had me initial the changes..i really didnt have but ten min to consider the entire thing, and i do have a witness to that. Prior to this surgery the ONLY findings were anterior bulge at c-5/6 and anterior bulge considered slight, no cord effacement, or thecal sac involvement at c6/7. Is my new surgeon just covering for the previous one? If you google myelomalacia, even wikipedia says..its always a devestating diagnosis.. I feel so helpless and powerless and uninformed, even though i have been educating myself about these surgeries since 2012...noone will tell me anything face to face..no DOCTOR will tell me anything i should say..its like oh well...i should mention i had been a licensed massage therapist for 16 years and finally had my own office during the previous 3 rys before surgery, i have always been healthy and strong and fit. I am nothing even close to that now and feel horrible for even thinking about malpractice..like i should have KNOWN better..i should have DEMANDED other options,who cares if none were offered, I should have gotten a second opinion..is this all my fault? please ...can someone out there..anyone tell me what to do now? my best efforts produce an even bigger VOID..In pain and feeling pathetic and useless, robbed and confounded. Holly

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the worst thing to hear is that nothing can be done. That is simply not true, something can always be done. They may not WANT to tell you about options because of high risks, but it sounds like you are willing to take high risks.

I suggest being very persistent and assertive as a patient, that is sometimes the only way to get the right attention. A good doctor will know hos/her limits and should refer you to a recommended specialist.

Sorry to hear of the failed surgery. I had the same procedure done in 2013. I do have some post-surgical issues, but I am able to manage and improve things. I hope you get to that point.