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S/p C567 now C4 herniated have cranial pain

Started by 102520794086515... on 09/10/2015 12:50am

HAVE chronic neck nerve pain When spasms constantly push on and Nerves intense irritability Have L arm weakness and nerve pinching feeling Have alot of headaches and cranial tenderness I am scared to get opened thru posterior ,I have bone spurs and neck muscles are hard and pain radiates to jaw Can I get relief and C4 REPAIRED FROM FRONT NECK APPROACH I can't ever have relief Does anyone have tightening always ???? Had Epidural injections no relief and trigger pts Helps but temporary relief onlynI really can't take the pain ANYMORE W SURGERY HELP OR MAKE SPASMS WORSE i

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Get a few opinions by neurosurgeons. I would not do surgery unless they thought they can help you. It should be last option. I had C4-7 to avoid paralysis but live with daily chronic pain worse than before surgery. And the areas above and below are worse. They went in the front on me, long vertical scar. Still can't swallow 100% and talking a lot is hard even more than a year later. But I am small, the reason why I was so affected, so the doctor says.