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Nerve pain during PMS and menstrual periods

Started by 101557827898655... on 07/21/2015 9:47pm

I suffer severely from nerve pain during PMS and my period. I have fibroid tumors so my periods can last 3 weeks in a month, so I am always in pain. I have a pain management doctor that I have tried to explain this pain to and he just looks at me. I tell my primary care doctor every time I see her that my pain is unbearable when I have my period, and she just looks at me and sighs. I tell my OB/GYN and he just tells me to take 4 Motrin. I was like sir I am taking Oxycontin and Oxycodone and it does nothing to help me. I have been suffering with chronic pain from bulging disc to herniated disc in my lower back. My legs hurt, my feet hurt and now my hands are hurting and I have to find someone to help me with this issue. I am in my 40's and I do not have quality of life at all. I hate trying to go anywhere because I am always hurting and I have to lean forward after taking ten steps. I try my best to exercise but I am so scared I am going to cause more pain. I am going to see another surgeon on Thursday, I hope he tells me something I want to hear. I am so afraid of surgery, so many people say it is not beneficial. The last surgeon I seen said he can fix the herniated disc but it won't stop my pain fully. I am thinking what is the point of risking my life if I will still be in pain. The neurosurgeon I seen before him stated I did not need surgery, and the one before him stated the surgery would be too risky because of the way the disc are bulging. Then I have my pain management specialist telling me if I don't have nerve decompression surgery immediately, I can be paralyzed. I am so confused and scared to death. I don't know what to do at this point. I pray every day asking God for healing and to have my life back. I would love to have a day without any pain.

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