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relentless spasms: c5 c6 herniation

Started by 102544806414055... on 07/05/2015 1:14am

Hello. This is my first time posting. If you want to get to my questions, and skip my story, just scroll straight on down.

After 6 months of spasms, which initially just resulted in my head twitching and my arms twitching and shaking, seven ER visits, and two neurologists, I have been diagnosed with mild to moderate cervical spondylosis, and a herniation at c5 c6. One ER doctor told me my problems were trigger points; the first neurologist kept looking at me like I was crazy, because I showed himhow if I push on certain places in my shoulders or neck, that I can trigger involuntary movement (arm raising or twitching), and dismissed pinched nerves in my neck, because my symptoms were "atypical"; and the second neurologist informed me my problems were "emotional" going so far as to look at an intern, saying "Did you see that?", when I showed her how I can trigger my right middle finger to shake, if I hold the knuckle in a way that it cannot move, and flick the tip of my extended finger. She proceeded to inform me my problems were emotional, and that they would get better after I finished up a long distance move. Despite asking both Neurologists and ER doctors to image my neck, imaging was never done.

My move took 4 days longer than it should have, because I was in so much pain from loading up a U Haul, because I would have to pull over and allow spans which cause my head to twitch back and forth for up to a few hours at a time.

I want to state, quickly, that the twitching is something I can often stop, and seems to be more of a reaction to avoid discomfort. Something akin to how your head sways to one side or the other, in order to avoid a high pitch screech. However, there are times where I can not stop it. the longest duration of time has been over 24 hours.

Anyhow, I arrived at my destination, proceeded to to unload the U Haul, and move two very heavy couch sets around on my own... One where I had to rotate a large sofa from end to end, around and around from my front porch to the street.

The next day I was barely able to feel or move my arms. So, another trip to the ER. This time, I actually had a doctor listens to me, and that is where does cervical spondylosis and osteophytes formation was noted. I then had more good luck with a medical professional, and a MRI was done of my neck. This is good the herniation was noted. I have an appointment with a neurosurgeon in a week and a half.

After the move, and the additional damage caused by that, I have been in nearly continuous pain, and I have been having spasms daily. I am up to 800mg Gabapentin 3-4x daily, 3-4 Aleve 2x daily, and just started Skekaxin 800 mg 3x daily. I tried Flexeril, but did not find it very effective for much other than sleeping. I also tried Balcofen, but cannot tolerate it. Half of a 10 milligram tablet makes me high to the point where I trip over things and bump/fall into walls. I have noticed since the move, that when the spasms get bad, my legs are now involved. They either get stiff feeling, or have actually frozen in place for a few minutes at a time. usually it is my right leg, though sometimes my left. Same with the arm situation. The head spasming is almost always a nod to the right. That my symptoms are bilateral and often asymmetric makes me wonder if there is myleopathy. I have not seen the MRI, but the radiologist report does not mention anything of either nerve impingement or spinal cord compression.

I am barely functioning, which is a struggle because I had to put my job search on hold, and am trying to get by on freelance jobs. However, I am in such a brain fog most of the time, or and in so much pain, that it makes it difficult for me to do the high level math that I am being paid to do.

Anyhow, I know that if you are reading this, you also have your own struggles.I am sharing my story for a couple of reasons.

First, please if there are any advice on how to push through the pain, do tell me! I have no choice but to try to continue to make some money, as I am single, and who else is there to pay all of my bills, auto loan, or mortgage? I try breathing exercises, but they don't seem to do much.

Second, yesterday my chest, back, shoulders, and neck all froze up in a protective spasm after I did some gentle stretching, by gently pulling my ears to my shoulders. It was a recommended stretch for c5 c6 herniation. I went to the pharmacy and got a refill for my skelaxin, and found myself unable to drive because the protective spasm let up and led way to neck and throat spasms. I had to wait about 2 hours before I could operate my vehicle, and when I was home the spasms continued. I took more skelaxin and more gabapentin, but nothing was stopping them. I used it, & I use I used ice. I even used to flexeril. Still no improvement. Now, more than 24 hours later, they are letting up some. Has anyone here had spasms that are not responding to any type of medication, heat, or ice? If so, what is one to do other than lie in bed wanting to cry?

Anyhow, thank you,

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