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my problems have piled up

Started by barnwell44 on 06/24/2015 1:45pm

my problems have piled up
I now have on top of problems I already have I need to now
add migraine and arthritis to the list as well I am becoming so
scared and upset that my problems keep coming and coming
I am terrified as well my emotions are very bad as well I have
therapy for that but everything else is needing dealt with as
well any help is appreciated from doctors and people who can
tell me who to see in America or in the uk

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Honey I see that no one has replied to your post and that has probably not helped any. By all means I do not want to insult y
You but do you know how much pain is caused by emotional issues and anxiety? I would see a psychiatrist! We all get really scared when people tell us to see a head doctor because we automatically want to think something is wrong with the way we think- not so! AND this can go both ways! I have been in real pain for so long that, I mean over 30 years, that I am going out of my mind being faced with more spinal fusions. Talk with a psychiatrist. Your post doesn't say a lot about what is bothering you but it seems as if this might be the way to go. Good Luck.