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my scan was normal but

Started by barnwell44 on 06/11/2015 8:14am

my mri scan was normal but my functional neurological disorder
and chronic pain syndrome have got worse I get worse all the time
I feel like my spine is caving in I shake violently speech impairment
is bad as I cant get the words out twisting legs kneecaps and feet
the pain keeps building and building I have 2 hospital appointments
that are NHS but think I will not be happy at all 1 lot of NHS people that
were supposed to help me have failed me by loosing all the information
that was sent to them about me I have been failed often on the NHS if I do
not get what I need in the next 2 weeks then I am off to get the treatment I
need at another country and place America/Europe I want treatment not more
upset I feel I have got things off my chest now if you know of private hospitals
near you please let me know as I am needing help fast

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