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neck and back pain

Started by Lac 50 on 06/05/2015 11:43am

Does anyone besides me have chronic neck and back pain? I am dealing with both degenerative dics in both back and neck. In my c4 and c5 and then in my l4 and l5. I've seen my surgeon just this past Monday and he was discussing surgery but then he decided that he wants me to get another in injection in my neck and then have a month of PT I really have a bad feeling about this injection and PT thing cuz it's to the point now to where my both my shoulders and arms are in a lot of pain, not just once in awhile but all the time. What makes it even harder on me is that my family especially my mom thinks that I am making up this pain just to get more drugs. That's Not right Mom. I aplogize, I just someone else to talk to about this because no one in my family will listen to me. I just need some support from others that are going through what I am, to top it off, my pain medicine is not helping , and I can't even get a good nights sleep anymore. I can't lay on either side, I have to lay on my back. Last night both my arms hurt so bad. Thanks for letting me vent. Lac50

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yes I have the same issues as you but it is doctors that ignore me
after 3 and a half years of hellish times of not being taken seriously
it is disgusting that doctors I thought would help me have not helped me
I still find I am being let down all the time with constant waiting lasts
1 lot of care givers lost all the letters that were sent to them and I was
seriously upset about this as my problems worsen each day I am just
I have other problems that have arisen from neurological disorder and
neck and spinal pain now my pain is making me very faint and I feel like
I am passing out all of my body pops in many places and my other problems
I have typed about before keep trying and trying I had to do all of that too


Hi Lac50:
I will just talk frankly with everyone about this whole chronic pain issue. I am 51 years old. I had a first car accident when I was 17, spent nearly 45 days in a local hospital with a dislocated hip and severe whiplash. Following that accident I began seeing " that local doctor that won't let anybody be in pain" , we will just call him Dr. Feel good and he started me on loricet 10, Xanax, soma and a mismatch of other stuff. Unfortunately,! It didn't take me long to figure out that this doctor was "cool" and so was I! Lol. Well we began a 20 year, I am not sure what to call it, because many times I just told him what I wanted and he wrote it for me, but we will just say friendship, because I no longer go to his office. Anyway, when OxyContin came out he began prescribing me OxyContin 80mg. Now, I am not a doctor! And no matter how cool I thought I was this man had a professional responsibility to protect me from medical mark! He took an oath to protect the sick and cause no harm! Anyway he went from prescribing me 4/10mg loricet per day to 2/80 OxyContin per day plus the extras. When I think back, the loricet were plenty and I did well on them! When he started prescribing the oxycotin and then shortly there later the roxicodone or oxycodone, that was the beginning of the end of the CONTROLLING or. MANAGING of pain for many patients! It has taken me a long time to say that!! It has taken me a long time to accept that about myself! In 1994 I was earning my MBA and was involved in another car accident in which a fellow broke my neck. I needed a C1-C2 neck fusion. At that time I didn't have any arthritis in any areas of my spine and at 30 years old I felt great! In addition to going to school I was doing aerobics, starting businesses and getting involved in many things! Today I feel useless!! At 51 my entire spine is corrupt with arthritis! So I always advise everyone to stop and take a good look at their situation before they have surgery! I wish someone would have talked to me about these pan melds before I to anything stronger than a loricet! I can not manage a day without pain meds! And that is one of the hardest things I have ever had to say about myself! I realize that the pain is real, very real! So I would never say otherwise, but also now I am being faced with a very unusual situation. Twenty years post cervical fusion and I can barely walk! About six months ago I got up after six previous months of mild leg pain and swelling and was sloutched over! Numerous doctors later, neurosurgeons and orthopedics, and the consensus is that I need extensive cervical(neck), surgery. This surgery consists of fusing C2-T2. Basically I will be looking forward forever and will lose all of my range of motion. If I could I would keep looking, talking to more doctors and waiting. Technology changes so quickly. But I have several areas where I have compression of my spinal cord and the fluid is being restricted. and as I stated earlier I can barely walk being crippled with lower back pain. The last doctor has stated that he believes a lot of the back pain will go away follow the neck surgery and that the back is a result of bad posture and problem that have probably been occurring without my knowledge over the last 20 years. But over the last 20 years I have only done what these doctors protocols will allow. I have been getting the trigger point injections, epidural injections and nerve blocks constantly for 3 years! That's the newest farce theses doctors having going on! I would be really careful! Most of us are just getting the shots so that we can get the medications we need. I am not sure how old you are, but I have found that this entire process is a mess!! The DEA has had to get nvolved and restrict doctors like my doctor feel good who has killed more people in our valley due to overdoses on pain drugs than 50 of his colleagues who don't prescribe them! So they allowed these anesthesiologist so to open offices where people suffering from pain issues go and as long as they get these shots they can get pain medications! That is a big problem in the area I am from. I know people who just can't tolerate needles or shots etc. So they are being denied service at these pain management places because of this. Well, I have just gone on and on about various issues. But you did say you wanted someone to talk to me. Please feel f eye to keep talking. I might not say what you want to hear all the time but I will be truthful. As to your sleeping problems. I have spent a lot of money on pain relief pm's etc. have you ever tried natural melatonin, things of that nature? Really cheap? To say one last thing about the shots for now. The last shots I had in my lower back. My doctor paralyzed me for over 3 hours. I don't want to scare you but I always liked going to get shots but it is weird the way things have happened with my condition and those last shots. Although no doctor would ever put the two together or blame one on the other. After he gave me the nerve block , which would have been around that l4-5 area,, when I was ready to leave I just couldn't walk. I had NO feeling from the waist down for over 3 hours. The doctor kept telling me to just relax and the feeling would come back. Don't rush things! I have often thought if the shots from that day played any part in my problems today!! Your doctor will push you for 3. Sets of shots in a row. That is the insurance company standard. So even if he is suggesting surgery, And I dont know what kind of insurance you have but most are the same, you will have to have 3 sets of shots before they will approve surgery! The insurance companies have a complete set of rules and "standards" that doctors have to follow so that the will be paid for their services. Even if this is a second shot he will push you for a third before surgery. Just another money making scheme, these shots! Even with my problems now my pm doc is pushing me back to get shots while I waiting to get surgery. can't see the point except that's where his money is at! Is he a pain management doctor? Bet he is! Lol! He might make 60 bucks or so for the appointment. If he gives you shots he can change that to over a thousand! Where I was leading with all of this, I realize that you don't feel good and that in fact you feel pretty bad! But if you have any last amount of spirit in you that would allow you to begin walking, starting at a gym, which if you are disabled etc you can do for less than 25 bucks a month at the ymca just ask and get away from heavy duty narcotics! You will see you may feel better! Give your own mind and body a chance to heal and to heal you!! Theses
doctors and pharmaceutical companies have been allowed to use us to test out these powerful drugs and treatments that they won't and don't want to even think she themselves!! Well, I going go for now. I hope that you find something I said helpful.