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Safer Spine Surgery Now Possible in Kentucky and Southern Indiana

Started by rtrahan on 06/04/2015 10:06am

The Spine Center of Southern Indiana (Jeffersonville) is the first and currently the only hospital in Kentucky and southern Indiana to adopt new technology — Dynamic Surgical Guidance — designed to make spine surgery safer for patients by mitigating the risk of misplaced “pedicle” screws during spine surgery.

Why is this important? Because there is overwhelming evidence, in the form of 8 published clinical studies, which show that, on average, one in five screws is misplaced in a patient’s anatomy during spine surgery, resulting in pathological consequences for one in 20 of these patients — such as lifelong paralysis.

Dr. Robert J. Blok at Clark Memorial Medical Center / Spine Center of Southern Indiana (Jeffersonville) is the first spine surgeon to offer Kentucky and southern Indiana residents the benefit of this new technology designed to make spine surgery safer.

Screw-based spine stabilization has become the gold standard for treating spine instabilities and deformities. Unfortunately, misplacement of screws occurs far too frequently. Not only can misplacements lead to vascular and neurologic complications, such as paralysis; but also the additional cost of just one “revision” surgery to correct a misplaced pedicle screw ranges from about $18,000 to $28,000, and the rate of revision surgery is between four and five percent of spine surgeries.

The new technology being used by Dr. Blok — Dynamic Surgical Guidance (DSG), which has been validated under rigorous clinical studies and is FDA-cleared — is designed to dramatically reduce the risk of misplaced pedicle screws, thus potentially making spine surgery safer for Dr. Blok’s patients.The DSG technology is at the core of the PediGuard® device used by Dr. Blok to allow him to “hear what he cannot see” when placing a screw into an appropriate area of the spine. The sound of accessing bone into which a pedicle screw should be placed is very different from the sound made by a screw penetrating any other part of the patient’s anatomy.

The Spine Center of Southern Indiana, which is located in Jeffersonville, IN, also serves Kentucky. Spine Center of Southern Indiana, Medical Arts Building, 207 Sparks Ave., Suite 300, Jeffersonville, IN 47130 PH: (812) 283-BONE (2663).

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