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Failed neck surgery- others?

Started by Loribeth12 on 05/28/2015 6:02pm

In October 2013 I had ACDF C5/6 - C6/7, plate placed and wore a hard collar for 6 weeks. This was after a decade of pain and conservative treatment. Continued and constant pain has been miserable. I had the diagnosis of significant DDD, osteophytes, kyphosis, impact fractures et.... regardless of the continued pain and severely limited range of motion my surgeon says "solid fusion, give it time, you need to stop viewing yourself as a patient", what???? I returned to work 3 months after the surgery. I had to resign my senior management level position because just holding up and turning my head/neck throughout the day caused pain that pushed the limits of my sanity, my primary doctor actually initiated this decision; after treating me for 12 years he stressed that I couldn't continue with pain and affect on my quality of life.
Early this year I consulted with a orthopedic spinal specialist I'd treated with historically (but didn't perform the surgery) as well as a neurosurgeon spinal specialist. Both advised me that 1) C6/7 didn't fuse completely and had significant osteophyte formations 2) one of the surgical intent was to correct the "lack of normal loradosis" by useing larger bone grafts forcing my neck into the appropriate C structure - this didn't happen and my neck actually "fell more forward" and is fused in this position. Both advise that attempting to drill out the and navigate the fused C5/6 and redo the C6/7 would likely end up worsening my neck structure and my pain could end up worsened.
A possibility is a spinal cord stimulator but the risks worry me and I know it's a 50/50 chance for pain reduction.
Just curious if others have failed surgery? Success with spinal stimulator? Quality of life? Appreciate any feedback.

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