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Posted in: Chronic pain.

SI Joint Dysfunction?

Started by pjh88 on 05/18/2015 12:23pm

I have had pain in the L4-5 area for 10 yrs they had me on pain meds it was on my nerve but the meds worked and I could function pretty much. December 2014, the disk dropped the MRI claimed no loss of height and some other things claiming nothing much wrong, the 10 yrs prior they said it wasn't pressing on the nerve but I felt it drop. Since then I have been to hell and haven't gotten back. I've stopped driving my leg, hip low back hurts all the time but all I get from the Dr. and tests no findings. Is anyone out their going thru the same I am at wits end was always very active now feel like 90 yrs old. I would think if your disk dropped something would change, anyone who has information about this let me know. So tired of not having a life. I'm in the Boston suburbs it seems the doctors up here only do spinal fusions, herniated disks, minor stuff. Thanks

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I am scheduled to have the iFuse surgery on Tuesday, May 26, 2015. I just joined this forum looking for recovery information.

My history is that I needed hip replacement since 2009 so I was consistently told my back issues would straighten out once I had that done. I finally did have both hips replaced and still had low back pain and difficulty walking and sitting. My hip doctor referred me to back doctor, and I saw several. All said my back MRIs not showing anything so terrible. Not one indicated SI problem and even negated it was a problem. Through my own research, I went to pain doctor who confirmed my diagnosis of SI problem. BUT I had to specifically ask for him to look for SI dysfunction.

I "passed" all five of the SI tests and got 100% relief from the injections. I got lucky, and he referred me to one of the doctors who were on the very short iFuse list of surgeons in the Pittsburgh area. So, I shall see how iFuse affects this and am so very hopeful that this third surgery is a charm for me!


YES your not alone! I have been struggling with chronic low back pain for past 8 years. I was originally told it was degenerative L4/5. Then after going through numerous injections and doctors I was told it was my sacroiliac joints. I did have diagnostic SI Joint blocks that would give me 90% pain relief for a few hours. I went to a Orthopedic Surgeon that works with a Physical Therapist in Gainsville Georgia and had bilateral SI Joint Fixation and bilateral Piriformis Release Surgery in Nov 2010. There web site is "sidysfunction.com". I did get good results and thought I had my life back, however, now I'm having more sacroiliac joint pain again. It sounds like I'm going to have revision surgery where they take out the two titanium cannulated screws in each si joint and then have the joint(s) fused with the SI Fuse Implants. I plan to have my left side done first at Borgess Back and Spine in Kalamazoo Michigan. They have four Nuerosurgions that specialize in Sacroiliac Joint Dysfunction and low back pain. Good Luck to ya!