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Seeking advice

Started by anewnash on 04/26/2015 1:16am

I have had a long standing back pain issues. I have Degenerative Disc Disorder and it appears to be fast progressing. I have recently seen a neurosurgeon who is referring me to a neurologist who will change out the battery to my spine stimulator (which has stopped working) and he thinks that I need a pain pump. My problem is that this appointment is not until Sept 4, 2015. My current pain clinic doctor has dismissed me because he wants me to commit myself to a psychiatric facility for ECTs. In other words he believes I am making up the pain that I have been living with since 2009. The stimulator was working and now it doesn't. The pain doctor would not even see me at my last appointment, handing me my pain scripts through the window and saying that is all they need. No new appointment or anything. I have been warned against seeing this new doctor because he has recently closed his business under one name due to bankruptcy and a class action lawsuit and opened up under this different facility name. This means that I do not have a doctor to take care of my pain medicine maintenance between now and when I see this neurologist. What am I supposed to do at this point? I have been taking a powerful regimen too. I am trying not to worry about it but it is just who I am. Anyone have any suggestions out there??? I have had a spine fusion L4, L5, & S1. The hardware was removed. Spine Stimulator with problems with the battery floating around and wires surfacing. I have had a total of 9 surgeories thus far. Now battery needs replaced and a pain pump placed so that I am not taking all the pills anymore. I don't know what to do about doctors who treat you as a drug addict, lecture me on the credentials of an FNP, his credentials, and insurance companies. Never really discussing a plan of treatment with me or even examining me. Other than BP, and urine test. I am in central Indiana.

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