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Severe pain and now a BAD ACDF......

Started by 829329235@facebook on 04/17/2015 4:48pm

I was injured on the job a few years back while working for a company that wasn't paying their Work Comp Ins. in which got me absolutely nowhere, but here. I had and still have some bad disk in my neck that have pretty much caused me to lose my livelihood. I went through all the test and DR's saying this and that was wrong, but let's get you in for some shots. So I got all the shots, PT, steroids and nothing seem to be having any effect. I went to one Surgeon who said there was nothing wrong with me and all the pain and numbness were just psychological. So I went and got several other opinions who both pointed to surgery. I ended up having a cervical fusion at the C4-C5. That's when the real nightmare began! A few weeks after the fusion the C5-C6 blew out. It was bad anyways, but could have gone a while before needing surgery to correct it. So I repeated all the pre-surgery again you know the shots and so forth. I had the C5-C6 fused back in Feb. of 2015 and as of today the Dr. is concerned that there has not been any growth and the amount of pain I'm in is ungodly to the tenth degree of....Well, anyways I go back in six weeks to discuss options. I just want to stress that the pain was always there and maybe not severe, but enough to make your life unpleasant for everyone around you at times. The pain now is so unbearable that I have begged to be placed in the hospital for help in control, but they told me they can't treat pain. I have gone to the ER several times, but I avoid that due to the fact that they automatically assume you are a junkie looking for pills. They currently have me on Neurontin, Norco 10/325, Percs10/325 and a muscle relaxer and my pain is still about an 8 at any given time. I average about four hours of sleep a day and can honestly say I don't know anymore

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