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Pain & sickness associated with fusion hardware ?

Started by EXbuilder on 04/11/2015 1:18am

2001 - I was an extremely healthy 26 year old male, until I ruptured a disc at L5-S1. I had a fusion and that cleared up a lot of my symptoms such as left leg pain and low back pain. Recovery was brutal and frusterating for a young guy who went to the gym everyday and ran 5 miles a day. I was a custom home builder and quite that for 2 years until I felt I could do it again. when I came back I felt like I was operating at 50% physically and mentally. I was off all meds soon after surgery mind you. All though I was on pain meds and Vioxx for 9 months until I had surgery. over the course of the next 13 years I felt like I was in a gradual decline. My leg pain was coming back, short of breath, weakness in both legs. tired all the time, felt like I was in a fog. I was diagnosed with Prinz-Metal angina, a rare form of angina that comes from toxic buildup in the tissues. The doctor says I have all the symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis. every joint in my body hurts. when the weather changes is brutal. in 2010 I started back on pain meds for extreme pain in lower back and left leg. Bottoms of my feet felt like they were on fire. when I laid in bed just my feet touching the bed hurt. I went to a surgeon and he said L-4-L5 was rupturing and recommended fusion at that level.
2014 I went in a had the fusion done. Surgeon said that the old hardware he took out and replaced was considered old in 2001 and was stainless steel. I asked him to keep it but it disappeared. I wanted to see if it had corroded and was making me sick. Anyways, I got through that surgery and on the mend. I felt better for the first 2 months but now at 6 month almost 7, I feel crappy again. My leg pain it coming back, bottoms of both feet hurt so bad I limp everywhere. Cant sit very long from back pain and leg goes kinda numb mixed with pain.both of my feet get cold VERY easy. I live on a heating pad. Im on so much pain meds to function and im only 40. Im on disability and extremely frusterated .
Im convinced that the metal in my body is making me sick. The weird part is I haven't had the flu or a cold in almost 5 years. I think my immune system is so flared up fighting these rods that I never get sick.
Im just wondering if anybody out there has any symptoms like mine, im considering having the metal removed as I really think its making my body sick. Anybody have their hardware taken out and feel better??

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