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My poor spine

Started by RuthieB on 03/26/2015 11:30am

Help! 54 year young woman with DDD.working with neurosurgeons at mayo. For the past 4 years on -going lower back issues and am getting ready for faramonomity. For the past 3-4 weeks have experienced severe deltoid arm pain in both arms and my neck is on fire. I have focused on my lower back issues for so long and now it is spreading to my cervical discs! Help. ! Any advice? Going to have consultation at mayo but not for 2 weeks . What do I do for now. Difficulty swallowing at times .Last night was afraid to lay down . Was afraid my air passage was shutting down. My husband is supportive but I think is tired of my pain. I am tired of my pain. Am taking 20 mg OxyContin 2 x day and no roc for BT pain 3 x day . Nothing works . Haven't yet started fixing my lower back problems and now my cervical area is taking over. Feel like my entire spine is caving in on itself . Help!!

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Hello Ruthie,

I'm sorry that you are in so much pain. And I will put you in prayer for your foraminotomy.
That the surgery will give you relief of nerve pain.

Have you ever had an mri of your spine? If you have not, it will give your Neuro and yourself a better picture of what is going on. Have you ever tried massage therapy, or chiropractic? The massage has helped me greatly. Don't forget, your muscles, ligaments and tendons are what keeps our spine supported. They too are going through a transformation because of your DDD.

I'm 55 and have had DDD and DJD since I was 35. Got it early in life. I had a very physical job that had me to retire early at 52. Last November I had a laminectomy on L4-L5 with fusion. It had compressed my nerves so bad that I was losing feeling in my legs and had trouble going to the bathroom. My recovery is coming along. I have tried working part time but being a care giver for some elderly folks here in town has proven that I cannot lift, twist and turn like I use to.

My spine has degenerated to the point where I need frequent epidural spine injections. I just received my first one last week and now I am to have one this week. Then, if it still does not give me relief, I have one more in April. I only can have 3 in a year I have meds that I take on a regular basis. They had me on Norco, but the insurance won't cover me anymore. They want me to go to a pain clinic. My Neuro said it's because of all the drug addicts out there that the DEA is coming down hard on doctors prescribing opiates.

Keep track of all your meds that you take, get copies of your health records, mri's, xrays, etc., for your own personal file. I found them to be invaluable. Especially if you see different doctors. They always don't have your full medical history. And it helps to know what and how exactly they are treating you.

Chronic pain is not what we signed up for. But it's something that here on this site we can relate to each other. Whether it be sharing what we have been through or just to vent.

Seeking advice should come from your doctor first. They know you more than anybody else.
Be honest with them about your concerns and most of all how you are feeling and the intensity of your pain. I use tell myself I had to learn to live with it. But have found we don't have to.

Good luck Ruthie. We are here for you!
God Bless