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About getting Disability

Started by June77 on 02/23/2015 9:58am

I have been unable to work since having both knees replaced, one hip replaced in the last two years as now I am dealing with cervical degenerative neck issues and terrible arm and shoulder pain and stifness.. I was hoping to return to work after having my knee and hip replacement surgeries done and over with, but, now I am dealing with disability in a new way.
Now that I am dealing with upper back and neck disabilty.. I can not work or commit to a job. I always worked my entire life up until the last two years. MY question is: If I apply for disabilty, will it be based on my work history and income..not my spouses? We depend on both incomes and I worry that because he is working they would deny me disability. That confuses me. Thanks so much if anyone can help me in this understanding.

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Exam demomstrates anatomic lumbar spine bony alignment. There is no pathological bone marrow signal. There is degenerative disc and desiccation and degenerative loss of disc height at L5-S1. The conus terminates appropriately at L2 vertebral body level.

L1-2 disc is normal
L2-3 disc is normal
L3-4 disc is normal
L4-5 disc is normal

At L5-S1, there is a paracentral disc protrusion with associated annular disc tear. There is slight flattening of the ventral sac at this disc level. Central canal neural foramen, and lateral recesses are patent.

1. Left paracentral disc protrusion associated annular disc tear at L5-S1 mild flattening of the central thecal sac.
2. Otherwise, negative exam. I just received mine last week 30/f


It has nothing to do with your husbands income. It is determined by how much you paid into social security during your working history. You can get an estimate at the ssd website or they mail you one yearly.
A friend of mine had very similar problems and was granted ssd on first try. You must have your medical records in order and make sure your drs are on board with your decision and will be your advocate! Good luck


Thank you for answering my question. I did not quite understand the first answer....??? but the second answer told me what I needed to know. It is based on my work history, and of course my doctors reports and my test etc.....I have worked since I was 17 and am now 59, I would hope and pray that my application goes through..... but, I may have to be diligent and reapply as many people do. Thanks again.


Hi- I went thru the pains of trying to obtain disability for several years and was finally granted disabilty last spring. It was a great relief as we needed my income and our money had slowly gone to medical bills. It is not based on your husbands income. It actually took about 3 years and 2 or 3 denials before I got approved. I am a nurse practitioner and I felt my case was a "no-brainer"- it seemed insane to deny me but I was.
A few other things.... I felt that I was intelligent enough to file myself and not use an attorney. Some may disagree but I felt it was well worth it. Of course the attorney's fees come out of your settlement- this is usually a certain percentage which I cannot remember now. I was sick and in pain and no longer felt like gathering records and dealing with the whole situation. We retained an attorney who had only done disabilty cases his entire career. Up front he told me that it was almost common practice to be denied 2 or 3 times. He said once I got a hearing that things would possibly change and a judge would actually listen to my case and make a decision . This attorney filed only once for me and I felt he was well worth it. I no longer felt I had the time to be turned down again. My family needed this to survive.
Your disabilty is determined by your length of time working and how much you made or contributed in the system over the years. As someone previously mentioned, there is a website that can roughly figure up that amount. It is not comparable to your current paycheck but it is enough to be a significant help. At my hearing, there was a specialist in some type of work rehab or something who determined if there was comparable work I was capable of doing and obviously, she said there was not. It is difficult and frustrating to file for disability, especially if you have to repeatedly do so, but it is worth the effort and peace of mind in the end. Just do not get discouraged. Hope this helps!