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Started by 100000755713159... on 02/19/2015 3:59pm

I have been suffering from bulging disc @ L5-S1 region, degenerative disc disease and SI Joint disorder for over 3 years now. I have went through physical therapy, medications and several bilateral epidural injections in affected areas and only got temporary relief of pain but I hurt everyday. I have been experiencing difficulty walking and both sides of pelvic bone hurting. I am at a loss of what to do next. I feel my life is gone and am so depressed over it.
Anyone who has had similar problems, what did you do about it. I really could you some suggestions what my be the next step in finding a solution to my chronic pain. Thanks in advance.

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Hi Angela
I am now 2.5 weeks post-surgery after an S1-l4 fusion , stabilisation and laminectomy ...amongst a bunch of other stuff. Best decision I have made in my life to take action, and while it is early days yet, I am in so much less pain than I was before and just feel so stable without that feeling that I would snap in half all the time. I was in much the same boat as you and just going downhill over the years and I 'had' a severe scoliosis and spondy on L4-5 which became really unstable. So, in the end the pain of having no disc left and the bone on bone/sitting on nerve roots, got to the point where it became overwhelming!! I am sending you lots of support as that kind of pain is relentless and downright horrible. I have been blessed with a surgeon who helped me make the decision to have surgery and my personal approach was that to start off with Internalising the fact that I was just not going to get better without surgery, and to stop feeling guilty that I had not done enough to avoid surgery.... Simply put... I had done everything...and I had done very other kind of treatment I could and lost 30kgs of weight before even going to see him. . I am 41 and have at least 40-50yrs of use that I needed to get out of my spine. Putin off surgery would mean eventually I would get worse and risk permanent disabling nerve damage. So the decision kinda made itself. The thing that made it less scary was that my surgeon was outstanding and I did my homework. I met or heard from about 10 people who had undergone surgery with my surgeon and everyone walked away in a much better state so they could get on with their lives with greater quality and find some 'sunshine' again. I now have no nerve pain which is life changing. Am already walking about 1.5kms a day very slowly but getting stonger by the minute. I'm 1" taller too (woohoo). I have lost some flexibility but for me its a small trade off to not be in chronic pain and who cares if I can't touch my toes huh!! My kids don't care. So a parting thought... Try your best be mentally ready should you choose to have surgery as much as physically. Don't do it until you have all of the questions you could possibly ask them take your time to decide what you do next. Took me a very long time to be ready and now I am looking forward to being light, strong and will be constantly active for the rest of my life. Wishing you all the best as you decide what you do next. Stay strong. Cheers C.