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North American Spine in Houston Tx.

Started by Lost in confuse... on 02/17/2015 6:15pm

I have had back pain for over 20 years caused by motorcycle wrecks, vehicle wrecks, and other things that cause back pain. I am 58 years old and have had many steroid injections in my back which never helped also a spine stimulator that did not help my lower back pain. I have spinal stenosis, and 5 bulging disc. along with degenerative disc. The only relief I have found was a morphine shot . I was considering getting a morphine pump when I ran across an add for North American Spine in Houston Tx.where they are using an acuscope to laser degenerative disc to relieve back pain. When I first check blogs on North American Spine I saw a lot of lawsuits against them which scared the crap out of me. After further study and talking to them I found out that the lawsuits were against the first owner of North American Spine that started in Ohio back in 2010 which no longer belong to him nor was he practicing in the United States anymore. I am going on feb.23 to Houston to have the scope done on my back with hopes that I can get relief in my lower back without get a morphine pump. After this is done I will try to get back on this site to let everyone know how it turned out. If you are a praying person please remember me in your prayers....

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Thankyou for sharing your info. Would like to hear the followup to your story. I am hoping for you that it is good!! I was discouraged by my dr to get involved with laser spine clinics. Hope to hear from you..