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My story / chronic/cervical/tumor/fusion/Botox

Started by Trublie on 01/31/2015 7:44pm

1987 at age 20 I pulled a back muscle at work. I was returned to work about a week later. Too soon, as it turned out. The second day back I was rush to the hospital.
The diagnoses was that I stretched 7 ligaments in my back and neck. I was in a nightmare and ended up off work for 2 years when Workers Comp released me. Drs kept saying I was too young to have back problems. I was still not healthy. I found the least physically strenuous work I could find. I had chronic back problems for the next 25 years. Surprised all that Motrin did so little damage to my Liver.

In early 2013 a young Dr. Broke protocol land referred me to the Spine Clinic.
I eventually met with a surgeon to discuss/schedule lower back Fusion. The Dr. wanted me to get a full back MRI first, stating that it looks like I could have more issues and might need more than one Fusion.
That's when they found the shadow in my Cervical Spine. A Tumor the size of a pea was inside My Spinal Column, between C2-C3. The search for a Primary Cancer Node began immediately starting with a MRI Brain Scan and moving to lungs, liver, stomach etc etc, They searched for the next few months.
I was told that a Biopsies at this point was too dangerous due to the location next to the nerves. My condition worsened. I had an Epidural that caused my so much pain that an ambulance was called to rush me to an emergency room at another hospital. I was getting weaker by the day. By September, could no longer get dressed on my own and barley use a Walker. In late October 2013 I lost 11 pounds over night? I was so very weak and sick, I felt like I was going to die. The Surgeon said we could wait no longer. Emergency Surgical Procedure was done 3 days later. Apparently the Operation was a success according to MRIs?
February 7, 2014 follow up visit. The Surgeon was shocked that I was still in so much pain and could barely walk? Shooting pains in buttocks and down both thighs daily. He decided that the problem lie in my Lower Back. He scheduled a Fusion Surgery 3 days later. I thought it Unusual to have 2 Major Back Surgeries in less than 4 months. I was physically unable to make 3 month follow up visit. I was just taken via Ambulance to the ER because I was having Back Spasms and was stuck in a chair for 2 hours. I couldn't reach the phone that was within arms reach. I was also having daily pain 4 to 5 while on pain meds? Any exertion would set off Back Spasms. I could not walk 250 yards without yelling in pain. July 2014 I made it to follow up with Surgeon. I was in pain from the 50mi ride I could not turn my neck to look at images on his computer screen. The Dr. noted that I still have some discomfort? He then stated he could not extend State Disability Benefits for me, because according to the MRIs both of his operations were successful.
Was this a Surgeon protecting his Reputation, by not having a Patient still Disabled months after his Surgeries? During Examination with Primary Dr. A week later, Dr. lifted my leg and immediately set off Spasms.
He put me back on SDI which expired October 2014.
I was sent to Physical Therapy. I was screaming and crying in server pain within 10 minutes. PT said he wished he could of helped me.
I have since been Denied SSDI based on DRs reports? The Surgeon advised my Primary to refer me to a Neurologist for Botox treatments to help with Back Spasms. In November 2014 I had my first treatment, 400 milligrams. Day 8 after treatment I felt better and walked 1000 yards with my cane for the first time. In 17 months. I actually thought I was finally on the road to recovery? The next 2 days I could barely move. Dr and I hoped I just overs exerted myself. My daily conditions reverted back to 3-5 pain levels jumping higher whenever I do too much in one day. Too much being cooking a easy dinner, on the same day I shaved and tried to walk a 100 yards. My back will tighten up pain jumps to 6-7? and I can barely move for a day or two afterword. Twice I tried driving the 15 miles to town for emergency groceries. I was crying in the checkout line both times while in a electric cart and barely made it home safely. I can't sit with my feet on the ground longer than 10 minutes or I swell up. Being a passenger in a car has same results. The Botox worked for the Debilitating Back Spasms. January 18, 2015 the Spasms started back again. Botox wore off. January 28, 2015 second Botox treatment. Four of the twenty injections, caused me to scream and cry in pain? After the procedure, the Emergency Response Team found me out front sitting in a wheelchair waiting for my ride. I was screaming, sweating, shaking, hyperventilating and crying in Full Spasm!!! They rushed me back inside and got me emergency intramuscular injection of morphine so I could make it home. January 30, 2015 another bad Spasm neighbors responded to my screaming.
I'm so stressed and depressed. I'm alive, but this is no life. I'm constantly in pain and worrying about becoming more homeless. November 2013 I had to give up my house of 18 years and sell a lifetime of possessions. I was just denied an SSDI appeal. I've been told, it will be at the very least, one year before a ALJ Hearing determination.
Any medical advice or success stories will be appreciated.

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1-31-15 I had an ok day. I even sat in the sun for a while. I took it as easy, all day, as I could? At 9:30 pm I was watching a movie with my 80 year old disabled neighbor.
Out of nowhere? It came on real fast. I started saying and thinking these words:
Oh No!
Not again?
Stay down?
Breath clark breath
I maneuvered to get more comfortable.
Said pleas get my pills?
Please get me some water?
Breath clark breath
Oh shirt----
Oh no!
For 5 minutes I fought it. I tried to hold it back.
But, the Spasms were coming on, no matter I wished or prayed for.
Augh Aaaah
The Spasms and pain let lose.. Screaming and Crying commenced. I was holding the couch so tight that my hands turned white. Later I told my neighbor, thank God that ended. My neighbor said it lasted 30minutes. I was thinking that it was a much smaller incident? At least less than the one the day before. I was just so relieved that I was not in an Ambulance and was looking on the bright side?
I locked up afterward and had to use a straw to sip water, as my neck would not move. But I was still alive.


Please find out what medical device implants were used in your surgeries.


Thank you for your interest in my case,
I've not visited this site for quit some time, I'm still fighting, I'm still alive and I'm still
waiting for ALJhearing no income since 10/14.

Do you think the hardware/ Implanted devises used could be related to my current condition?
I don't believe any hardware, devises were implanted for the cervical operation p?
(see link for example of the procedure. Some Vertebrae were removed to gain access and not returned.

BEFORE 10/13 form Surgeon
"Many of my colleagues at the conference where I presented your case said they had a few cases of a benign vascular tumor that looked just like your scan, and their patients got better after surgery."

AFTER 12/16 from Surgeon
"Sorry Nothing left in my tool belt"

Over 100 emails to various Drs. reporting symptoms and asking for help.
(See a few of the responses from my Drs. below.

Recent grievance filed requesting outside second opinion and baclofen pump trial.

[baclofen pump recommended and brought to my attention by (4 ) different Drs.?]

My grievance request were Denied! I'm still fighting.
I'm looking for help, prior to filing for an Independent Medical Review

From my Drs.
* "Sorry to hear about your increasing pain"
* "Thank you for that report"
* Sorry Nothing left in my tool belt"
* Sounds like treatment may be working?" Lol
* "I suspect that you are having a pain reaction?"
* "I'm sorry to hear that you are still in agony.
* I've given you all the medications that I'm aware of that might help.
* "Ask Drs so n so about alternatives that may help"
* "The current episode is noted"
* "We can set you up for further evaluations"
* "Thanks for the update. I have contacted Dr. Pain Management and the P.T
* I do not see any explanation for your spasms on your MRI.
* I hope Dr. O' is able to help".
* "Stay tuned."
*With repect to the EMG testing you could also touch base with Dr S"


Many devices have been recalled for device-related failures and mislabeling. Get your implant records. It's crticial.