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Posted in: Chronic pain, and Neck pain.

neck pain

Started by 100002013931839... on 01/24/2015 8:56pm

my name is Cindy ive had 2 neck surgeries back to back in april of 2014 i went for a while pain free now all at once im back in severe neck pain have been since dec. of 14 is it possible i may be having new issues with my neck once again?

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Hi Cindy,

What type of surgery did you have on your neck?
Did your surgeon discuss any type of physical therapy for you?
It depends on what they did and remember, the rest of your neck is adjusting to the surgery.

I had a lumbar laminectomy and fusion of my L4-L5. My dr said therapy was in order and to have patience.
Remember, you had major surgery Cindy. Your body is saying, hey what did you do to me!

Have you contacted your surgeon's office with your concerns?
My surgeon's office doesn't mind my calls with concerns.

It might be something as simple as changing your pillow and the way you sleep.

I have issues with a pain in my hip. Didn't have it before surgery. Turns out it might be the fusion still trying to heal. They told me it could take up to a year for full recovery. Or that I might be sitting too long.

Praying for you,
God Bless and here is a hug for you (hug)


You may have disc bulging above or below the fused disc. I had that with my C5-7 fusion. My C4 herniated, and went in to get that one fixed, (different doctor, big mistake), the surgeon fused the neck with out fixing the problem of the bulge. Plus when you most likely have Spinal Stenosis, which does cause pain. You need to get with a specialists, I would ask around for a good one in your area. People usually know the best and worst. I found a couple of people that told me to avoid, as they had not found a good one either. I did finally find doctors I would not trade for anything.
But yes, your pain is real, and there is an issue, you should talk to your doctor about.