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Anterior spinal fusion, L5-S1 TEN MONTHS AGO -EXCRUCIATING PAIN AND CONSIDERING BEGGING FOR REVISION. Suggestions or experiences??? please advise.

Started by SamuelsMom1 on 01/23/2015 9:27pm

Woke up in October of 2013 & could not sit up (literally had to roll out of bed). Saw top surgeon in the area (wonderfully talented man who performs surgery as last resort). Tried series of xray guided injections, PT, PM...the whole nine yards, to no avail. I could stand no more, so surgery was pushed ahead for March 10, 2014. Surgery went GREAT-woke up with spine and leg pain GONE -the abdominal pain and contractions were hellacious as it felt like labor pain! Due to the desire to get the Foley put and being told it would not be removed until I walked, I told them to get PT and walked within an hour of being in the room. During my five day stay at the hospital, I walked several times a day, took 'illegal showers without getting incision infected, and aside from the normal postop pain and learning the hard way not to get up, I was well on the road to recovery. Unfortunately, out of boredom and determination/stubbornness, I might have pushed the envelope trying to assist with picking vegetables in the garden. During one such moment, my left leg gave and I landed directly on spine. I had it xrayed the next day, with no signs of damage. Sadly, I subsequently fell an additional three times due to weakness or the dogs pulling on the leash (each weighs 25 lbs, not big but strong) and also had to load up my old lab to take to surgery (he weighed amply more than the others and ended up at Rainbow Bridge

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