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Started by 100000135910607... on 01/09/2015 1:19am

I am so sick of reading these posts. I am so sick of giving a UA (or for some, blood, UA, or hair). It is unconstitutional, illegal, anti American. Why do I have to prove anything ? You, the doctor who I am paying even by proxy of insurance company; you must treat me as an individual and can treat me as a criminal and order me to jump through any hoops REGARDLESS of The DEA or any other Government agency. OHH, the argument of "the doctor can refuse to treat you..." ? - well, then why can a pharmacist (PHD) be sued for not filling certain RX's ? YOU LOST I need a lawyer to help me sue the entire system AND my 'doctors'. It will win, there is NO way it can lose when standing against the Constitution. I am looking for 100 million USD and the lawyers can get what they want + it will end up as a class action. This is my idea, my TM, my C so anyone trying to do this after this day & time will also be subject to prosecution. My rights are to be protected. My life & the life of my children has been directly & indirectly affected in a negative manner as a result of the federal & state governments' undue, illegal restrictions &guidelines being an undue burden on the "healthcare system & community". Also, the result of actions, inactions & words of my "providers". These are instances of MAL practice (see latin definition). Where is 1 lawyer which has a spine ? 1 lawyer who is an American with principle ? This is a joke. the entire system must be changed back to conform to the law of The USA.

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