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Spinal Fusion ALIF at L5S1 and L3-4 complications

Started by 100000604124408... on 12/07/2014 5:29pm

I had an ALIF on L5S1 and L3-4 in 2005. After 3 month check L5S1 was loose. They removed a screw in front and percutaniouskly screwed metal on both sides of L5S1. I have endured pain through the years and went from injections, spinal cord stimulator, epiderals, pain meds etc. to now. I now have neuropathy that leaves the bottoms of my feet feeling like I am walking on bubble wrap with water in the bubbles. An emg from 2010 shows Impressive impairment to the S1 nerve roots with the right side more affected that the left. I am considering having the screws and metal removed. Does anyone have any light to shed on this?

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I am so sorry to hear of your bad experiences. I believe we are in the same boat, expect you are the one rowing. ( I mean that in a good way)
As far as taking out the device ...I wouldn't do it.
I have done research and found that any blame has to be put on the medical device and not the one who installed it.
But that doesn't mean you cannot pursue it and get results.