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huge disc herination at T-8,also herinations at 6-7,7-8,8-9,9-10

Started by tanderson on 11/27/2014 8:35pm

I have a huge herinated disc at T-8,I have been told nothing can be done for me unless it becomes an emergency situation: that is as in not being able to urinate or loosing control of my bowels. I was told the only way to operate on me is to cut me down the chest,then move my aorta over,but then they would have to cut the artery from my aorta to my spinal cord,which is called the artery of adamweiski. I have some other problems with C-6 and spondylosis of lumbar spine,etc. I am not sure if I will go paralyzed or not & possibly be on a breathing machine etc. I was told that I am 1 of 3,000,000 people. I would like to know if anyone else has this wrong with them.No one understands what I am going through and do not believe me sometimes. Please if anyone knows about this I am begging to know. I have been told to never have an epidural anywhere in my spine. I was also told that I have fibromyalgia. Please respond. I usually feel like my chest is going to explode or I am going to break in half,the only way for me to deal without pain is for me to do nothing,if I do any lifting,bending,etc,I will pay for it for days.

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Tanderson, I have heard about people having to have surgery at the T-8 level and it is in the thoratic area of the spine. If I were you, I would get another opinion and try to have them do an MRI. My sister has problems in her T-7 T-8 area and the Doc she sees is the same one that gave me my lumbar epidural shots.
I like in Kentucky and we have the Norton Letherman Spinal Center here, and they are great! I think #1 in the region. You also have extreme anxiety about this, and I can tell threw the demenor of your post. You would do a lot better on some valium or even better a mild dose of xanax.

Dont throw in the towel just yet, you have so many other options that it baffels me as to why your Doc told
You the procedure would or could only be done by going in threw the front. Sounds like he thinks your pill seeking, and is testing you to see if your in the amount of pain as you say you are then you will go on and do it. I had a few Dr.s try to scare me out of getting a spinal fusion, TLIF on L-4 L5 and L-6 I only went in the hospital under the impression that they were only doing one level, and when I came out of recovery they told me they did two levels and on top of it all took a bone graph off my hip to do the fusion, and didnt even tell me before hand.

I want to pray for you, as I tell everyone before I do, that Im not sure what your beliefs are or if you are a Christian, but prayer never hurts. Lol sorry ... Prayer never hurst, get it?! Im silly sometimes. Anyways, here goes, Dear Lord I pray for Taner right now that you will shine down on him and heal him with your graceful divine healind. I pray that you will comfort him and give him understanding that you God have his life in your hands and in your control. Bless him Lord and I pray that when he goes to have a second opinon he will have better news, and they will find an easier way to treat his illness. Thank you Lord, and keep your hand of protection upon him, wrap him in comfort in knowing that its all going to be alright. There is nothing you can not do in your name Jesus. Bless this child of yours, and God speed to him right now!!!
Thank you and bless your holyness, Amen Jesus! Good luck Tanerson, and everthing will be alright, you will see!


Glenda1-I am a few months late in my reply as my laptop has been messed up forever and also my internet carrier is not any good but only one available where I am. I am actually a woman also,haha. I really appreciate your prayers. I am in the Louisville area also and have been to one of the best at Leathermine Spine. I have had MRI's of my whole spine and also a Myelogram. I have been to some of the best docs in Louisville. It has taken me years to find out that I had thoracic herinated discs,docs didn't believe me, especially one at Leathermine Spine back in 2002. I also have 4 brain MRI's from 3 different hospitals Nortons,Jewish and Floyd that mention the possibly of MS,but the supposedly best MS doc in Louisville says I dont? I hope not, not sure? I could not walk right at all for 6yrs which I tried to find out about but got no answers until at my family doc one day I said I always wondered about my circulation and she said there is a test for that and I said there is I WANT IT! The MRA showed 50% stenosis at the origin of the R iliac artery,had to have stent put in R iliac artey in 2014. I walked alot better but when my back is hurting at times I still mess up some or when I am totally fatigued. I definitely know about faith as it is what gets me thru daily especially this month, had to use a walker for 4 days but better now because I MADE myself walk and am determined that I am not going paralyzed. It is non operable, I know this for sure