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L-4 L-5 nerve compression

Started by 100000128084951... on 11/08/2014 1:23pm

I had a spinal fusion laminectomey in 2010. I have been in severe pain since june, following an mri that says I have disc bulging from L-2 thru L-5. I went to the neurosurgeion who preformed the surgery. I was told there is no way I have herniations with L-5 uncovered because I'm fused. I said Do u mean I have no discs she said no there still there but fused together. I have read all my own radiologists reports for a long time and know what it said. I saw the finding severe narrowing of foramen at L-4. He sent me for spinal epidural injections. Which I told him and them that shots had stopped working for me years ago. But, like a good patient I went and did my 4 MANDATORY injections which did nothing. Surprise! Now I am being referred back to my neurosurgeon (who hasn't returned my messages, I know I need the bone cut back to release the nerve. But how many more hoops will I have to jump thru to get the surgery, that I seriously said I'd never have another one due to the amount of pain the last one caused me but, now am willing to do it for the pain principle alone. How do you out there handle the intense pain this causes? I have chronic pain anyway but this goes above and beyond even that.

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