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Posted in: Chronic pain.

SI and L5 problems

Started by gail morgan on 09/30/2014 12:26pm

I had a back operation in 1996 in my Iliac Sacrio joint and. L5 regiion it just got worse therafter and last year 24th October I had a Lumber fusion with instrumerntation , skrews ,plates and rods . I still have the same pane but are much worse of. I ain in my lower back in my ppubic bones or my whole pelvic bones my left buttock my legs till down in my foot much worse on my left side. I can't climb the stairs at work and I'm in constant pain at work, when I'm at home I just lie in bed and when I make food I put a hot bean bag with a towel on my back and a pain mangement machine its sort of I small one the physio therapist use. I hat all sorts of tablets the neurosurgeon and the Orthopedic prescribed but none really help m I am currently on Junista but it also do not really helpp. I have watch the I Fusion and I really think this will help me but the drs want to ginve me now. Sdaspan infiltration with Macain injectoin after I had several Rhozotomys over the past years sins 2001 every second year . They don't even take note if I talk about IFuse . Any help I woul be much oblided .thank you

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