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Has anyone had cortisone spinal injections that went wrong?

Started by SANDSTORM on 08/08/2014 8:47am

I was seen for lower back pain and right leg swelling by my Kaiser Primary for over 1 year and was sent to Pain Management. I was sent then to receive spinal cortisone injections without ever having any testing done. My first injection went ok after I felt a new pain briefly but it wouldn't last. 6 weeks later before the next inj I mentioned to the Dr this new pain but he said I probably just needed the next shot.

The next inj I felt great for 1 week then the worse I ever had. I again informed the Dr as I was about to get the third inj and again was told I probably needed this next one. Well after the inj I felt strange so I rested a few days then the pain started and was intense but in flashes but more frequent and eventually was nonstop. Also a few days following the inj my legs were numb and cold. Finally I was seen and referred to get MRI which immediately following was referred to a back surgeon right away. I spent 9 months waiting for surgery on morphine, Percocet and being fuzzy like I was in a tunnel. Surgery went ok but from waiting so long my knees blew out from walking weird. Aug 13 my left will get a total knee replacement then when I can handle it the right.

I feel as though I should have had testing done prior to injections though I have no idea what went wrong. All I know is I had pain not even close to the pain I had after injections. I was able to function with Motrin and ice packs on my way home from my jobs (Contractor) and today I am classified as 100% disabled.

If anyone has experienced anything similar or have comments I would appreciate your feedback.

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sure have back in 2011 it went just like u. the 3nd injection was the worst. i had an mri done before i went they new were to go.i had an reaction to the dye they used .so for the 3nd injection they didnt use anything. i walk in the office and left in an wheelchair.so they told me since the injection didnot work i"am looking at back surgery.so i went back to the doctor who did my surgery he refused to talk to me.said i"am overy weight and had to live with it the sob.the MRI shows i have the same disks were ruptured i need to get to another doctor i"am getting worse.can hardly walk the pain is getting to me.my reg doctor been giving pain pills .but they can only do so much .best of luck to u feel free to reply.