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S1 to T10 fusion post one year

Started by jjlehe on 07/22/2014 7:35pm

I had an L2 to L5 fusion with rods in 2007. From 2007-2012 my spinal herniations continued as a result of flat back syndrome. I was kyphotic with a 30 degree sagital imbalance. My spine had collapsed. I then had the S1 to T10 fusion in February 2013 with replacement of orginal hardware from 2007. My surgeon said the rods placed in 2007 were straight rather than curved to model the natural curvature of the lumbar spine as they should have been. This caused severe stress and degeneration of all disks from S1 to T10. I am now 17 months post surgery and I have significant mobility restrictions. I am no longer able to bend or stoop, or twist and I still suffer from chronic pain. I developed peripheral neuropathy and no have a claw hand and foot. My balance is poor due to the lack of feeling in my feet. I also suffer with diabetic type nerve pain that involves significant burning sensation in my feet at night. My left hand and right foot developed the claw look and chronic pain with numbness, tingling and electrical sensations. The most significant problem I have is the inability to sleep. I generally wake up about every 2 to 2 1/2 hours throughout the night. I am only able to lie on my back due to my fusions. If I try and move on my sides, it causes too much pain. I have tried all sleeping medication but developed side effects from them all. I am stuck on my back as if I am in a casket and just cannot sleep like that. It also causes an increase in spinal pain. I am seeking anyone out there who can identify what I have been through and what I am going through now. I have not had good luck at all with medications. I do not take many meds now because of it. I reside in Alaska and the extended summer daylight does not help me. I still have severe stenosis, DDD, radiculopathy, and significant nerve damage.

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