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Posted in: Chronic pain.

workers comp nightmare

Started by tinktrucker on 02/21/2014 12:31am

hi to all, i have been fighting w/c for over 3 years now and counting, i can't wait for the day i dont have to deal with them or my lawyer they don't care about you at all, anyways , i was injured on the job i was a truck driver and i say was cause i don't see my future behind the wheel of a big rig at this present day i am 7 months post op from L-4 L=5 S-1 major surg. and it was hell for the first 2 weeks and it's not a whole lot better i have been refused phyiscal therapy they gave me 7 sessions 5 months after my surg. because i had to wait for w/c to approve it,this whole thing has been a nightmare for me, i need alot more therapy then what they gave me , so any suggestions on trying to get better i have been down since aug. 5th 2010 and i just got my surgery 7 months ago so that should tell you the atrafey that i have im very weak now i weigh 108 lbs i have gained 8 pounds after my surg. but 8 pounds in 7 months thats not to good, im still taking alot of pain meds i take 4 30mg Roxy, 4 350mg soma and 3 150mg Lyrica a day, the meds keep me from a pain level 10., i can't sit in a chair very long my leg pain level starts rising so i stay moving most of my day but theres no way i could hold down a full or even a part time job now im 50 years old and i love truckin and i don't want to do anything else but i know i can't sit and drive the hours it takes to be a driver so here i is no job and still in alot of PAIN , i just want it to go away ;( by the way i was 130 pounds when i got hurt i was a hay hauler i was;nt a puss but i am now lol thanks for reading, i dont suggest this surg. to anyone your going to be on meds anyway so find your cocktail of drugs that works for your body and keep on working and living sorry if i sound hard but thats not the way i mean it , if you have chronic pain its never going to go away!

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