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Thoracic pain/fusion

Started by 100000158136043... on 01/27/2014 9:47pm

Been a while since I have logged on here at Spine Universe as there is a wealth of info so......just wondering how many people on here have or had Thoracic problems. I've had 2 fusions both in '09. 1st was a simple L5-S1 done in April '09 from just being overworked (came out in 3 pieces, bone to bone worst ever Doc said for my age/time of tolerance of 3yrs) which was done by ALIF. My 2nd was T11-T12 fusion Oct '09 which was done by XLIF and has caused me MAJOR degeneration above it. As both of my surgical approaches never cut a back muscle I was able to rehab very quickly even though I was 49-50 yrs old.....and all my damage/injuries were from 25 yrs earlier.... T11-T12 blown disc w/3 compression fractures above...C3-C4 guess I broke my neck and never really knew how bad as it fused itself.

I would have my S1-L5 fused everyday if asked but the problems from my T11-T12 XLIF fusion....I wish I had never had it. I only got 1-1 1/2 yrs tops before all the rapid degeneration happened the next 3 levels above. In all fairness to my EXCELENT surgeons, they could not have known I would suffer the degeneration I have had and both told me it was a chance surgery but the pain and spasms I was in at the time made my decision very simple.

Any feedback from other Thoracic Fusion Patients would be appreciated and may help another if posed the decision/choice.

All my injuries were from yrs of racing MX and one (1) bad fall.

Good Luck Guys/Gals it ain't no fun but we have to remember how much worse it could be.

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