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constant pain

Started by colonnevertebrale on 12/28/2013 7:54pm

Please let me know if anyone has experienced a similar problem to mine.
My spine is fused at lumbar 3,4 and sacral 1, with instrumentation; cage ,rods,screws etc Sometime after the surgery I developed severe pain in the right buttock. MRI after MRI, cats can after cats can, multiple x rays, showed any problem. Thinking it might be muscle acting up the neurosurgeon recommended pain management which did not help at all. then came a series of treatments like: cortisone injections,physical therapy, trigger points, dry needling, more cortisone injections and physical therapy. Nothing has helped. It has been four years of constant pain, specially at night, with some temporary relieve by taking 100mg of tramadol every 4 to 6 hours. I am beginning to wonder whether the "hardware" in my spine is irritating a nerve and therefore causing this very long and constant pain. I am anxious to hear from someone, who might be experiencing a similar problem. I am desperate for some relieve.

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I have a similar situation with cervical stuff. When surgery isn't recommended " pain management" is the key. If your team of people can't address your pain ; I would look for some others who can. It sounds like you are under treating your pain. I am not a Dr. But it is easy to spot someone who Needs relief from pain. Look for a new Dr. Who will treat your pain more aggressively.
Wish you well.