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Flatback disease hell

Started by 1318223650@facebook on 12/18/2013 12:41pm

Hello all, my name is Dana and I have Ehler Danlovs syndrome and arthritus that is basicly destroying my spine at a rapid rate. I went from an active 38 year old to a 46 year old woman who cannot even sit upright without this burning throbbing stabbing pain in my cocyx. The joy of those who have flatback disease. Eventually I will have no spine to speak of or probably the ability to do much of anything. One thing I know about flatback disease is you lose your buttocks and that's what causes the pain-you sit on the tip end of your spine and your body knows this isn't right=PAIN. So my question is, as laughable as it may seem, are there prosthetic buttocks that would keep the coccyx from being sat upon. Have tried the doughnut pillows and wedge cut out pillows and they work for the short term-husband took kids to see new hobbit movie asked if I wanted to go but sitting in a cinema for 2 and a half hours was too long! So if any-pardon the pun-share my pain, any suggestions? Are there prosthetics for this? Yes of course all would like a bubble butt, have tried padded panty and it was like trying to stop bleeding to death with a band aide. Thanks for listening, Dana

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I have a very large spinal fusion in 75 and now am disabled. I have little to non disc left in the remaining 4 lower bottom and am having upper back pain. The day before yesterday I found the article about Harrington rods and the disaster it has left. I arthritis in all of my joints and am now having knee problem and need a total replacement but at 55 am too young and we are trying to protect everything as much as possible. So I totally understand what pain you are talking about. I wish I had something to help you but I can't think of anything however I am very good at problem solving so give me some time to think it out. Do the doughnut pillows not work because of the shape? Don't support you in the right places? I know you wrote this last year and maybe you have found help.