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will the pain go away so i can work again

Started by madpain on 11/29/2013 11:12am

Jan 22 2013 I had a fusion , 2 metal plates and a adjuster so 3 plates ! 9 screws were used when I was suppose to have 10 ! surgeon said there was no were to place the last screw ?? really ?? c4 c5 c6 c7 !!! the frist 5 months were not bad being all doped up off oxys and deladen, got off the pain pills 4 months ago < major pain but couldn't function !and was scared of getting addicted ! jumped to medical cannabis < helped take away the urge to jump off a bridge and end it all ! it helps with the stiffness and the really bad pain at times < I just stop taking the nortripaline 150mg highest dose they said , every night! , ( for nerve damage and other) ! I was feeling good 6 months after surgery , then was released to go back to work , 20 lbs max ! went out in the yard and did some work < mowed 3/4 of an acre, took me 40 mins , then the next day , I was in a load of pain ! couldn't get out of bed, stuck there for 3 days ! neck was stuck in a messed up way kinked to the left ! now any time I do any thang strain u us , I trigger the crow bar stuck in my neck , it feel like there's some one trying to pry it open , and some times pull my arm off ! stiff always , I got good motion with my neck , it just takes me to the floor some times ! I got 2 to 3 hours of work I can do in a day <(as long as its not physical demanding ! and I can space it out ! I have to lay down a good 7 times out of the day just to get the crow bar in my neck to stop trying to rip it off ! I stiil have my arms fall a sleep and now my legs tend to too !2 years I have been out of work because I cant physically do a real 8 hour a day job ! I collect no disability and have no in come , disability has denied me 4 times and just had the federal court date ! I lost every thing due to the pain and not being able to work , cant sleep at night , don't have a life , lost most friends , I don't go anywhere due to pain and having to lay down when I get a flare up (crow bar ) and have no medical to see a doctor < the bills keep coming , and Im just so lost ? and ill have to have another surgery in 10 years or sooner !!! and I have no idea why I got this ((Degenerative disc disease old car accident ?? its like cancer , if u don't have surgery, ( u will die or be paralyzed ) ( u will never have a normal life )) my life is more messed up now then before the surgery !!

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This site us a fucking joke ! U fucking doctors are a joke any thang to make a dollor !


Dear mad pain,
I have read your story,hear your pain.I am so sorry.I am a retired RN( certainly not by choice),i did nursing for 29 years.I got injured in 2009 at work (got slammed to the ground in a crunched up position from a defective chair)Any how here i am two back surgeries later,also injured my neck because i put my arm out and very unsuccessfully tried to break the fall,i am now facing neck surgery.I have gone through every bit of savings/retirement i have and have also re-financed twice now to pay off high credit card bills that i used to buy groceries etc....I am in the process of appealing my first social security case to the federal level and i just submitted a new case two months ago ,waiting to hear.You are right,i would do anything to have my old life back.Please know that there are many people on this site who want to be your friend and encourage you,so many of us are in the same stinkin boat that we did not choose.I can not promise you you will ever be the same again,but i promise i will say a prayer for you.Oh by the way,your name is very appropriate(this pain drives you to madness)
Take Care,
Blessings,Nurse Nancy


So sorry Madpain, I agree, it will make you feel you are going mad. It has affected my life to the point I say what life, I don't have the life I had either. Pain takes a normal life away , but we have to keep trying however we can, try to find other things to make it livable so it doesn't consume us. KEEP TRYING on your disability, don't give up. Just know you are not alone, there are many others including me that can relate. I will be thinking of you and praying for you that things will get better for you.