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anyone who has had a pain pump inserted

Started by 100000177917270... on 10/25/2013 7:20pm

Hi guys!! End of another day of chronic pain. I have been suffering with chronic pain for about 8 yrs. At that time, my life was great-i was happily married, raising 2 great kids, was a pre-school teacher-life was good, then i got my world turned upside down, i developed asthma, we live outside if Richmond,VA allergy capitol of the USA. My asthma was so bad we had to get rid of the cat, the dog started to be a outside dog, we also put air filters in every room. Needless to say, i was a sick puppy-I ended up having to go on predisone for a long period of time. I was on very high doses, my dr. and i had known each other so well, i had a unlimited rx. for predisone. Well, the worse my breathing got i would take more predisone. I did not realize how steroids affects your bones-they make them very week. I was hospitalized several times for asthma and still was working. I started noticing my back, buddocks, and left leg were in terrible pain, went to see my GP-which he referred me to a pain mng. dr. I went to 4 diffrent ones-all they did was give me opionds med, such as percoset. That helped a little but the pain was still there. The pain got so bad i had to quit my job and my social life dissinigrated. One night the pain was so bad, i thought i was trying to pass a kidney stone, well it turned out nostone-but even worse I had shattered my t-12. Went to see the orthopedic dr., he couldn't believe i was still walking. We needed to build up my bone strenghth and then he did the 1st surgery, it was sucessful, but there was so much damage, he had to perform the 2nd surgery which involved removing my my last rib on my left side. That was also a sucess. Now we had to address the problem with my neck, yes i have a cage in it. I told my kids if you looked at my x-rays, you would think you were looking at a dinosaur x-ray with all the screws and rods that stuck out. Ok, now that was all done i was stil horandous pain. Did the usual rout seee the GP dr. he referred me to a pain mngt. dr.. he tried all the injections, the epidurals, theburning of the nerves, you name all the proceedures i had them. Had a set back last year my body totally shut down, i developed renal failure i was hospitalized for 3mths and was in a re-hab facility to learn how to walk all over again. In total iwas away from home for 5 mths, during the time i was in rehab center they had accidently dropped me 4 times, now i cant say for sure but i ended up with 2 more broken vertbreas. Ok, sorry I wrote you'all a book but i wanted u to know how i got here. I am walking-not very good by the grace of God he healed my legs enough so i can walk-what a awesome God we serve-i have to use a walker for distant walks and a wheelchair depending on the curcumstance. I am scheduled to have a appt. with a pain mngt. dr, who is suppost to be one of the best in central VA. My ortho. dr. said he didn't think a stimulator would work but a pain pump might, i have done lots of research on the pump if you go tp medtronics website, they will send you a whole booklet and DVD about their devices and how they work, they will also send you a list of drs. in your area who uses their equipment-i would highly recomend to do this. But based on my research, i think the medicine pump might work for me. I don't know but i would give a million bucks for a few minutes with pain i could tolerate or even better no pain. I would love to hear from anyone who has been/or still is in pain and anyone who has or tried the pain pump. I want you all' to know i pray for us pain worrriers God does know how we hurt look how he hurt for us on that cross. God bless!! Can't wait hear from you----JILL : o}

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