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Fusion without disk removal??????

Started by 1172526531@facebook on 10/01/2013 10:13am

Hi all.
I am so baffled. I have been in bad pain and my doctor that did my lumbar fusion L3-4-5. Keeps telling me nothing is wrong. Well I went a got a third opinion yesterday. The Neurosurgeon got very quite. And said you are never going to fuse. I asked why and he said. The ortho doctor that did your fusion never removed your disks. They are still there. I am speechless. I have never in my life heard of this. Whats the point of putting in hardware if your going to leave bad disks in. I thought the whole point of a fusion was to remove bad disks, insert cadaver bone, and have them fuse to the vertebrae. Hence a fusion. Please tell me this a bad joke.

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Wow, that seem very messed up! Scary for sure! I think that either you were involved in one of those study's where one person gets the real thing done and the other is told they got it done but really didn't! Or your dr didn't explain what they were doing or didn't do their job but I would really look hard into what is going on for your own safety and health because it sounds like you have one of those drs that are in it for the money not the care for you!! Be careful and be safe! Wishing you all the luck!


Sorry George, I accidentally hit the thumbs down button.

Meleah, that's awful. I am so sorry. I know it won't help the pain, but I would definely look into getting a lawyer and bringing legal action against this surgeon for malpractice. Get a copy of everything you signed, review it thoroughly (preferably with an attorney) and see if you consented to it, but I highly doubt it.

You will be in my thoughts and I truly hope there is something that can be done for you.


LOL it's ok just simple mistakes we all make but no harm to me! Thanks for clarifying that to me though and I'd have to say I agree with your response, get a attorney and look over that paperwork carefully to see what is in there!! Best wishes!


Thank you all for your replys. It means alot too me...