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pain management program

Started by BriannasMommy on 04/22/2013 1:18pm

Can anyone here tell me if they have ever had this problem?. I had an MRI and it showed many problems concerning my entire spine. I had cervical and lumbar coverage. I discussed the issue with my primary care dr today and he said I am sorry you have so many problems with your spine, however....... I will not prescribe Percocet or any other pain med for your spine issues past or present. If you want them you will have to see your
surgeon who ordered the mri in the first place, I said with all do respect he did give me pain medication he is concerned that you nor the pain management program is not willing too and he wants to know why. He refused to answer me or the dr. I did and do everything they asked physical therapy, water therapy, gym classes, weight management, stretches, two types of injections, yoga, I EVEN PAIN OUT MY OWN POCKET FOR ADJUSTMENTS AND ACUPUNCTURE, His nurse told me to find a new Dr. because he prescribes pain med all the time. Has this happened to any of you out there in my web world?

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YUP FIRST MY MD ...THEN OR NOW I should say my neuoroligist pain med devil,wants u to do all this crap u cant with ur mind going on morphine and ddd vicious cycle so they try to say instaed of every 3 months WE NEED TO see u every month...MONEY MONEY Goodluk ,seeking funds for ddd l3-4 ,4-5 at lazor spine instatute,24k cash ,Anyone could help Thats what i thought obama care was,NOPE none in oregon,so the poor they make junkies,and letem die,GOOD PEOPLE...and if u got insurance they charge em 65k, whats up ,thievery? Any advice 4 lazor decompression ,and they zap the remaining tissue closed and vacume the rest? please explain the procedures cause i need advice


hi briannasmommy --- I hope you have found some resolution to our queries about this doctor you saw. I don't know whether you have availability to other doctors or clinics.......but it surely wouldn't hurt to have another opinion to compare with what he said or would or wouldn't do. When I was searching for whether I was a surgical candidate or not -- I chose to go to THREE different surgeons.......one was a doc with a rotten attitude; one had to do what the older guru said; -- and finally on the third one, I received a sincere, caring, thoughtful evaluation which indicated my problems....and sent me on my way to my present Pain Specialist clinic.
I wish the same for you....and even better. My problems are not solved -- and may be life-long in nature -- but finding tools on handling the pain and knowing what kinds of exercise are the RIGHT kind of movements is pretty important.
I do so wish you good fortune in finding a caring environment for dealing with your spinal probems.