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Posted in: Chronic pain.

pain and pain managment

Started by john waltz on 04/10/2013 5:58pm

early in 2010 i was a patient in a va pain managment clinic for 11 months. i was complaining about pain in my neck and left shoulder that averaged 5-7 continious. during all of this time they never did an mri or ct scan. they used a pre 2010 x-ray and told me all that was wrong with me was some minor lipping at c6-c7 and muscle spasms. i continued to complain of the pain but the doctors refused to prescribe any medications other then muscle relaxers and tramadol. finally in late 2011 the pain became so severe that i went outside the va system and had an mri of my cervical spine preformed. this mri showed an hernaited disk at c5-c6 that was compressing the 5th. left side cervical nerve root and 3 other disks that were all buldging and bone spurring at c6-c7. i took the copy of the mri into my pc at the va. he looked at it and stated; well, i guess your pretty upset. i asked my pc if he could refur me to another clinic within the va to see what could be done. 7 months went by with no response. in feburary of 2011 i had to start going to a non-va pain managment clinic to get proper care. by this time i was compleately frustrated with most medicial professionals. well, thet preformed 3 cesi's and a series of nerve conduction tests. i was immidatly placed on morphine sulfate er tabs. and oxycodone. in november of 2012 i had cervical fushion and decompression at c5-c6 and a titanium plate inserted, the neurosurgeon also removed the bone spurs. just prior to this surgery i had an mri preformed of my lumbar spine. this mri showed an hernaited disk at l5-s1 which was compressing a conjoined nerve root on the left side which was causing extream pain down the left leg even with the morphine and oxycodone. the surgery on the cervical spine went pretty well however i still had a lot of pain in the left upper arm after 6 months had passed. another mri was preformed earlier this month of my cervical spine and the neurosurgeon told me that there was still some nerve compression at the c5-6/c6-7 areas. of note; about 3 months prior to this mri the pain managment doctors had to change my medications because after 11 months of being on morphine i had built a tolerance to it. they placed me on 25mcr of fentanyl transdurmal patches. this helped quite a bit and contrary to what many doctors think this medication did not cause the kinds of problems that doctors are so worried about when prescribing opiates. last month i requested that the pain managment doctors remove the oxycodone and increase the fentanyl because the oxycodone did not seem to be effective at all. the doctors agreed and increased the fentanyl to 50 mcg every 3 days.my whole point of this post is mainly for doctors and there worries on prescribing opiates for people with conditions like the kind i am living with. i am hopefull the second surgery on my cervical spine works because the neurosurgeon stated if this does not work there is nothing left to do reguarding the compressed nerve roots. i think doctors need to reevaluate people who are in these kinds of proven conditions so the patients do not become so fed up with the medicial profession . this is not some pain that you can remove with a heating pad and acupunture. it is horrable. and no one should half to live like that for years because a doctor does (not feel comfortable) prescribing opoids.

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