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Had Cervical Fusion Dec of 2011 on C5 - C6

Started by painlevel3674 on 03/28/2013 12:11pm

I had a cervical fusion in December of 2011 on C5 & C6, I also have of disc that show bulges, Cervical, and Lumbar. I believe there is another on in the middle. The MRI also showed althuritis all the way down the Lumbar area. I have had (9) SI joint injection shots and have seen the PT note of failing physical Therapy. I still have to take med to keep the muscles and joint for going above the 10 pain level. Just recently they have added Lyrica to my list of medications. Is there anyone out there who has had a fusion or any other type of spinal injury that causes the Chronic wide spread pain?

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yes...i had anterior cervical discectomy with fusion at C4 through C7 and I have had more pain after the surgery than before ever having any surgery...surgeries were in 2006 & 2008...and the disc above C4 is bulging, so it does not end...the pain has gotten to a point that it is like a pressure and then at times the pain pushes up into the back of the head and spreads down the shoulder...bad days...i have tried ALL kinds of things and ways to ease this pain ... they may work for a lil while, if they work at all...my DOC & pain management tell me i will have this the rest of my life...i had to learn to live with the pain...this DOES NOT mean your pain will last ...after several years after the last surgery, my pain did lessen up some...so hang in there...pray, cry and then pick your self up and walk one foot in front of the other and you will get where you are going...i pray God in His infinite wisdom gives you peace and a way to learn how to live with the pain....i wish you a god night